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App Design, Development & Consulting Studio

Choose us for,

  •    Successful nine years in app consulting, UX design and development
  •    Design led engineering
  •    Focus on Enterprise and Start-up’s & SMB’s
  •    170+ Man Years of experience
With excellence as our guiding aspiration, we take ownership of your product ideas with your IP being with you. Also we will make sure that you will never be out of choices and ideas once you chose to work with us.
While being in a project's pre-production phase, we built aesthetically pleasing mock-up's and prototypes by a great team of animators who have a passion for pixel perfection!
We make this not for mere sign off process but also to affirm oneself on one’s own idea!
Got an Idea? Speak to us now!

We exactly know what it takes to build a successful product. Right from idea visualization to hosting, we have learnt and done it before. We understand what it takes to build successful product.
We have a flare and competency to choose what is needed and what is wanted for a perfectly balanced MVP entry into the digital world!
We promise to build a great product with your best idea!

We do them here,

  • See before you build(CB4UBD)

    Start-up, SMB’s and Enterprise

  • App design and development

    Mobile apps, Web apps and Cloud apps

  • Enterprise Application Development

    HTML5, PHP, .Net, J2EE, MySQL

  • UX Design

    Responsive design, UX Prototyping, Information architecture and layout engineering

  • Augmented Reality

    Marker and non-marker AR

  • Big Data

    Trending, recommendation and user profiling

The happie words from clients,

You have done a fantastic job and everything was handled very professionally, especially B.A, who has been very patient with changes and is very good at wireframe designing. Just continue what you are doing. We wish Hakunamatata team the best and success !

Manjeet Singh
Co-Founder & Director @

Working with hakuna matata was a great opportunity. HM team is a hard working team always responding to our queries and requirements

Reham Alabaddi
Red Sea Gateway Terminal

Excellent! The management team as well as the technology team was very agile. I would say this this is one good company that understands how start-ups work and work with us in making the idea and the product more mature.

Ganesh RajMohan
Founder of

Team Hakuna,Appreciate the great prototype you built addressing all our requirements. Your focus on UX has added immense value to the end product. Our customers are delighted with the app. The competency that your team brought to the table was outstanding.Thanks for your Customer First attitude and flexible approach. Been great to have you as our partners

Arun Athiappan
CEO & Co-founder @



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