Dec 14, 2015

Mobile apps are order of the day.

Since you have presented your app to the store, you are now one in a million..!! Yes. There are more than a million app in the market. But you taste success only when your apps are downloaded and used by many and generate revenue. Today, let’s discuss some marketing strategies to make our apps stand out and get noticed.

ASO or App Store Optimization is the mantra to get your app noticed. It improves the discoverability of your app and eventually acts as an catalyst to get your app downloaded. Everybody knows that, most of the customers search for and download apps from their respective app stores. So it makes sense that we have plan to optimize our app to the app store. So now, lets put our mind into this:


Let’s start from the basics. How to you think the customer searches for an app in the app store? People search using exact things they are in need of. For example, if you want to download a music player, that would the exact phrase you would use for search. So it makes sense that the app is named carefully after the work it does.

Make it simple and easy for your customers to find the app in the category. If it’s a music player app, it is placed in the ‘entertainment’ category. Having these exact words in the name of the app, would really push your app up in the search.

Adding to this, use effective keywords when you submit your app to the store. The keywords used will determine to which search your app shows up. It works in the same way as it works in normal search engine. And, an intensive research on keywords used by the apps which stand high in ranking, in the same category will give valuable insights into this. Apps with one word names tend to do better than apps which have phrases as names.

The icon of the app is very important to kindle the interest on the app. The icon which shows up in the search result should stimulate the person to open the app. Icons with solid colors and simple design is the best bet. For more ideas you can refer icon galleries available online.


So this is the next place a potential customer visits once he crosses the search phase. It is equivalent to the home page of your website. So, the same importance should be given. The time you have to convert a visitor into a customer in very limited. You have to impress the visitor before he presses the back button.

The few lines which are in the description should be like an advertisement. It should generate curiosity and urge the visitor to move ahead. Effectively communicate the worth of your app to the reader.

Customize the screenshots, to show the visitor, how your app actually works. This page should work like an advertisement.


Who has the power to resist a product, which is endorsed or spoken highly about by another person? We are living in a world, where everybody wants to keep up with the joneses. We always take time to read the feedback and user ratings before we take the decision. For most of the first time users this process is a must do. Good reviews would certainly have positive impact.

Encourage users to give honest rating and reviews. Connect your social media pages to the app. Enable users to like your Facebook page from the app, allow users to post in their Facebook wall or Twitter feed from the app.

Make sure you deliver what you promised on the app’s profile page. Do not ignore any bad reviews, take it as a feedback. And most importantly, get in touch with these customers and help them with their concerns. This one act, will get your app an enormous positive feel.

Just creating an app and submitting it to the app stores and play stores do not matter. Focus on ASO – App Store Optimization also. This can do wonders.

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