Dec 30, 2015

Mobile apps are order of the day.

That’s a nice, straight forward question. And the answer is, in your MIND. Yes, start your app, with an idea.

Have an Idea:

Normally apps are built to address one specific problem. So think of a solution for a specific problem. And then, think how to use technology for solving this. For example, we all know that it is very tough to book your tickets for travel when we had to do it standing in the queue. When an app is developed to make this booking of tickets easier, we will not hesitate to own the app. So, think of an idea, which will help us to do things simpler, which otherwise is very tough.

Meet the developer:

Once you are good to go with an idea, validate your idea. Visit an developer, and talk with him about the idea. When the inventors of Whatsapp, Koum and Acton, had an idea for the app, the next step they took is, meeting the developer, Igor Solomennikov (a Russian iOS developer). This is actually a very important and intelligent step. We need to understand the technical feasibility of the idea. The meet with a developer will in fact, may open doors to many other ideas. Select a developer who is technically strong and updated.

Build a prototype:

Don’t wait till your app is fully ready. Test the waters with a prototype. You would get lots of help from internet. Create a detailed, screen by screen mock-up of your app. Once you are clear about your output, talk to your developer on finalizing the app.

Build the App:

Now comes the most important part in the cycle. We have the idea, we have the objective, we have a prototype and we also have found our developer. So, it’s his time. There are some very important decisions to be taken during this phase. Decide whether you want a cross-platform app or different apps for different operating systems. Decide how to offer the app, free or paid. You should have a clear monetization strategy.

Marketing Mania:

Yes, now once the app is developed, the next question is how to take it to the consumers. Products are sold only from shelves in markets and from factories. So take your app to the App Store and Google Play. ASO – App Store Optimization will the key in this stage. Get your app discovered by potential consumers. Try to get reviews from tech bloggers, arrange for a press coverage on the launch. Word of mouth from current users will be key strategy so plan on referrals. Work hard to overcome any negative reviews, answering genuinely to a negative review will show you on a good light.

When you build an app for the first time, there will lots of distractions and limitations, try to focus more on overcoming rather than sulking. Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new and success is always on the horizon.

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