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Feb 8, 2018
Steps to Success in Digital Transformation – Part 2

The essentials In the first part of ‘Steps to Success in Digital Transformation,’ we looked at key steps from a strategic perspective of (a) understanding the digital imperative, (b) having a clear vision & strategy, (c) staying centered on customer outcomes, (d) digitizing for operational excellence, and (e) connecting the dots of people, culture, technology, […]

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Jan 30, 2018
Steps to Success in Digital Transformation

Who wants to go digital? As a business leader, how often do you feel that you’re no longer playing by the same rules that you were playing 2 years ago? What changed really? It is the world that has changed beyond imagination. What set enterprises apart — scale, reach and brand — have a lesser […]

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Jan 19, 2018
Is your business ready for digital transformation?

When was the last time you have performed an online transaction via your mobile? A few days back, yesterday, or a few minutes back? Most likely, yesterday or a few hours back or even while you are reading this – right! And now if we talk about consumption of information, sharing of a news or sending a business […]

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Jan 5, 2018
How to know whether your users are realizing value from your product?

You have launched your mobile app; with bated breath closely tracking the number of downloads/installations. With the crossing of each milestone number, the excitement increases. After all, the more your product is lapped up, the indicator it is that you have hit the sweet-spot. And we all know that strong metrics are fundamental to building […]

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Dec 19, 2017
Why should a product manager look at metrics? Which metrics to track?

A simple guide to app analytics As a product manager or owner, you are frequently bombarded with questions on data and analytics related to your apps/software products. Well, it is a data-driven world. Scout around the internet, and you will find several insightful articles/blogs on ‘must have app metrics’. So much so that the typical […]

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Dec 11, 2017
How do you decide on your stack of product management tools?

Till recently, a question that has been doing the rounds is “Who is a Product Manager?” Is it a role that fits into the organization structure with predetermined role and responsibilities? How technically proficient should a Product Manager be? Does the role lean more towards ‘Development’ or towards ‘Marketing’. Today, we have crossed this bridge […]

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