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Feb 15, 2017
Why your Food Delivery App Lands in Trash: An Open Letter to All App Developers

Dear App Developers, All I wanted is an extra cheese Margherita with a coke. But, what have you done? Unplugged my mobile while it is about to die with a 10% charge to download your app (an online food delivery app, if you are curious to know). With rumbling stomach, wiped all the notifications obstructing […]

Jan 21, 2017
App Review 101: The Ultimate Guide to Handle App Reviews

Expecting honest feedback from users is like watching a Nolan’s flick – can be comic with no logic or truly masterful or can leave us guessing on what’s coming. While Nolan keeps amazing us with his awesome stuff, reviews can often end up make us lick our wounds highlighting crashes, errors, poor performance, issues, and […]

Jan 13, 2017
Being in the good books of Google’s Mobile-First Index: What You Need to Know

SEO Alert! Does your website have different content and structure between its mobile and web versions? If yes, your SEO plan is likely to fetch you a ZERO. Wondering why? Here are a few things you need to know about Mobile-First Index to optimize your website. What’s Mobile-First Index? It’s no secret that Google crawls […]

Jan 7, 2017
Why Startups Should Move To The Cloud

When the future gets cloudy, business should too. Cloud computing is something inevitable. Whether you post a status on Facebook or check your bank balance over your smartphone, you are using the cloud computing storage. But in the case of business – cloud can be a game changer for the SMEs and startups. The reason […]

Dec 27, 2016
7 Top Ways To Increase Your Mobile App Reviews

“Pretty Good!” “Simply Awful!” “The performance could have been better.” “Love this app! Will recommend to my friends.” Be it Good or Bad, reviews are the key that makes and breaks your app. Opinion of your existing users, play a vital role in purchasing your app than what you’ve promised. Before downloading your app, a […]

Dec 19, 2016
How prototyping changes good designs into successful products?

What we visualize as great designs in our head may turn out to be very different when we put them on paper or a computer screen. That’s why designers, who work with an eye on the end users, usability, functionality and marketability, rely on prototypes. An intelligent design process is one that tests the concept, […]

Oct 17, 2016
Celebration of Happiness 2.0

Hola!! Welcome to Happiness 2.0!  Welcome to our new brand identity! We are excited to unveil our new brand identity as we evolve to the next step in our journey of digital excellence. Our brand reflects celebration of happiness; it resonates with the capabilities we have built with passion, the creative spirit of our team […]

Sep 29, 2016
Say Hello to Google Allo!

The talk of the town is the ‘smart’ chat app that just hits the store last Tuesday. After a long wait, Google has launched the “Google Allo” a smart message app on 20th September for Android and iOS to express yourself through chat, stickers, Google Assistant and so on. But what makes it so exciting […]

Jul 22, 2016
Do’s and Don’ts for a successful UX design

Being a digital designer, is always not simple. It is not always possible to do everything, which is expected out of you. The clients and stake holders may sometimes misunderstand the whole process. The UX industry places an enormous emphasis on usability. User stories, site maps, wireframes, and usability testing get all the limelight—while visual […]

Jul 13, 2016
Why we love mobile applications (And you should too)

When I read this question, I instantly get another question in my mind which can be the answer to this question. Which is “ Why not..? “ Yes, why should not we love mobile apps? Mobile apps have changed our lives like never before. Mobile apps have made our lives to easy, and with them, […]

Jul 5, 2016
Mobile app Monetization – Freemium, Paid Apps, Advertisements

The most important, you should make after you have developed an app, is deciding on its monetization strategy. Although apps are created for many different reasons, the potential to earn huge money always will in the top 3 reasons for developing an app. Less than a decade of entering into this new industry, mobile app […]

Jun 16, 2016
Will web applications ever die?

Few years ago, consumers used different apps on their desktop computers, such as Winamp for music, Windows Media Player for playing videos and so on. During these times, we depended hugely on these apps since browsers were not strong enough to have applications run on them. Eventually, browsers became stronger and faster and they became […]

Jun 7, 2016
5 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore mobile applications

Mobile apps are order of the day. Gone are the days, when we thought only big businesses and institutions like banks and corporates need mobile apps. Today, the fact is every business, which aims at expanding should have a mobile app. More and more businesses have moved towards mobile apps from just having a mobile […]

May 30, 2016
How to use your user feedback to improve your app?

Gathering user feedback successfully and translating it into actionable items is a must for any business to make informed product decisions. But the challenge lies not in collecting feedback but to understand what to do with the feedback collected. One of the main goals of gathering customer feedback is to enable communications between you and […]

May 24, 2016
App icon – the gateway to app branding

If you have the question, does your app icon contribute to the number of downloads and the popularity it gets? The direct answer will be – “Yes, it definitely does!” With more than 1 million apps in the app store and the Google Play store, the importance of a very attractive and unique icon, has […]

May 17, 2016
5 effective methods of getting user feedback

77% of users never use an app after 72 hour of installing it for the first time. How to track it? Feedback is the only weapon we have in our hand. Assume this situation after every test we write, we always wait eagerly for the result. And the same way, when we develop an app […]

May 11, 2016
Strategies to discuss with your app developer-Before you start

Hiring an app developer is a tedious process. It is not just finding someone with coding knowledge, it is much more than that. You not only have to put your idea into his brain and change that idea into a feasible business plan, but you also have to hire a developer whose process and procedures […]

May 4, 2016
Augmented reality vs virtual reality

Though virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have existed in some form for many years, only recently have they reaped mainstream media attention. One of the biggest confusions in the world is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality. Both these technologies promise excellent growth. And to discuss on the topic, we need […]

Apr 27, 2016
Top 5 ways to engage app users

Imagine yourself in a huge supermarket. The store is filled with thousands of products and hundreds of brands. You are walking through the aisles and trying to figure out which brand to choose for a very common product, let’s say a face wash. Suddenly from nowhere comes the sales person and talks to you about […]

Apr 21, 2016
NFC–things you need to know

Take out wallet and try to count the cards you have. Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Loyalty Cards of shopping malls and cafés, bus pass, train passes, etc., and the list can go on. What if all these cards vanished suddenly? No you are not victim of a theft, but a victim of future. Yes, the […]

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