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A Quick Look- Mobile Application distribution

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Numbers have always determined the winner over the course of period. This article is something close to that line with a difference wherein no winner is to be derived at the end but is given an approximation of who would be the winner in the near future with the current trend pattern bore in mind.

As a disclaimer, this article holds stats’, facts’, figures’ and other statistical numerals’ from various reliable sources and has been concluded as well.

App Store:

Inception and current:

Beginning with App Store, which alphabetically falls first, was released on July 10th 2008. The App Store holds 1,000,000 applications as of October 22nd 2013 and also the app store holds an incredible 50 billion Downloads as of 24th September 2013.

However, it is interesting to note that iOS has as an estimated 500 Million as of January 2013.


It is expected that the number of app downloads will increase by next year that is 2014 as precise as from current 102,062 to estimated 138,809*, later on it is yet to increase to 224,801 by 2016 which is two years later.


Black Berry World:

Inception and Current:

The Black Berry World service went live on April 1st, 2009. Of the three major app providers, it has the largest revenue per app at $9,166.67 compared to $6,480.00 and $1,200.00 by the Apple App Store and Google Play, respectively. Also as on October 26th2013 it is claimed that RIM Black Berry World holds as much as 223,601 applications.

One of the milestone entry in terms of BB World is that, March 31st 2013, the number of downloads per day was 6,000,000+ and downloads until July 8th 2012 was 3,000,000,000.


With the current profiling of information’s and data available, analyst evidently propose that RIM scope inside the industry has faded a little as its competitor’s graph is seeming pointing more north than RIM.


Firefox Market place:

Inception and current:

Incepted on September 6th 2013 by Mozilla Foundation, it contains around 2,000 applications as on November 2013.


It is uncertain at the current moment but it looks promising since the concept of embracing of HTML 5 will pave way in near future probably.


Google Play Store:

Inception and current:

Set off on October 22nd 2008, one of the promising and wide spread application market place across devices is Google Play Store with over 1,000,000 applications as on July 24th July 2013 with a download count of around 50 Billion.

The installed base of 500 million makes it one of the largest digital distribution systems.


The Android OS penetration in the market is unrivalled in countries like India, Brazil apart from other countries also the number of free applications availability is more than any other distribution systems.

It is an undeniable fact that Android is targeted for all sects of consumer rather than “only-for-rich” image of Apple Inc. making it penetrate more and more over time.


Nokia Store

Inception and current:        

Started in May 26th 2009, Nokia Store has 120,000 applications as of August 2012; it has an installed base of 885 million as of March 2012, making it the highest ever among all the platforms!


 As the current OVI Store is discontinued, it is of no use in talking further about this once dominant brand!


Windows Phone Store

Inception and current:

Began its journey on October 21st 2010, Windows Phone Store holds more than 200,000 applications as of December 14th 2013 with 3 Billion downloads as of November 2013 and a decent 47 Million as customer base.


The Windows Phone Store had its unique Metro UI design pattern that influenced other distribution platforms and application design as such.

The Windows Phone Store stands third in the ranking after iOS and Android in first and second position respectively.

The current trend, Windows Market Place do have a place in the upcoming years provided they offer a little more free applications as Android at least until they seek a permanent position in the market.    



This article is although a statistical survey that was curated from various trusted sources such as the official press release and Gartner, I made sure that these does not include a “table” format which is “easier” to skim through, well I don’t want to make it “easy” as these need a “proper” skim through of information.

Hope to catch you on a next iteration of happenings and trend!

Have an app-ie time! J

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