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Business Partnerships – The way forward.

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There are plenty of companies who does well with individual platform & not every company has the privilege to share dais on providing cognisant of technologies.  

                    In an era of intense knowledge-based globalization and technology-based competition, the role of alliances and partnerships is now becoming recognized and partnering has proven to be a powerful business tool for dealing with ever-changing markets, technologies and customers. Compared to Hardware, software products and services are easy to integrate therefore partnering with other software companies would extend the scope and has a potential to transform it complementing your customer base. 

                   A prospect also would want to deal with a healthy size company with a potential for consultations and expansions of the product in future. Most of all what would be of a greater impact is that they are buying from a market leader which would give them confidence that they are backed up by a strong company and supported by many other customers just like them.

                   Candour in partnership is gained by an organisations ability to bring together technology teams from across the enterprise to harness collective knowledge and provide feasible solutions as fast as possible, there by making all stakeholders successful. 

                    Large companies are recognizing the benefits that can happen from establishing partnerships with nimble and small firms. Especially small but growing companies Can offer access to new customers innovative products and practices. This is especially true in IT sector where there is a rapid change and innovation. 

                    From a small companies perspective there is a common fear on partnerships like, Results coming out late, worry about loosing control, also regarding investment in working out the joint business model, drafting an agreement, getting to know each other. Which weighs higher than bigger companies and hence they skip parts or stop halfway. However A alliance professional in place would help to simplify these collaboration processes and to define useful standards and tools which works best for their organisation.

                   "Joint Ventures, Alliances, and other Corporate Partnerings are fueling the growth of the world's most successful companies. The demand to deliver more new products, more quickly, and at lower prices has never been greater. Joint Ventures and other collaborative business arrangements are revolutionizing how winning companies compete. They permit companies to enter new markets and field new products that they otherwise couldn't do on their own. They are the quickest way to grow your company, particularly in times of change." - Curtis E. Sahakian









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