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How to retain your customer?

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A recent study suggests, more than 20% of the apps are used only once after installing and is abandoned thereafter. Think of the scenario, everyone of us uses smart phones and every phone contains at least 50+ apps. How many apps are used regularly? Not even 50%. That’s an alarming fact. So there is a huge question before every app developer, how not to go saturated into this very crowded space. So simply inventing an app, floating it in on the market and even making subscribers out of people are not enough. We need to build brand loyalty, backed by an excellent product and strong market strategies.

We live in a world where, loyalty is rare, choices are eternal and competition is tough. So its never easy to build brand loyalty, but that shouldn’t stop you from achieving it. Lets discuss some simple yet powerful steps to build a brand.

1.Ensure that your product is excellent:

Yes, it is true that lots of hard work have already gone into the product. But this is again very critical. The best product is the most used product. Focus on everything from the time it takes to load, to the ease of using the product. Try to deliver whatever you have promised in your landing page. Make the users happy by reading the feedback and answering them. Also constantly work for the betterment of the product. Try and fix all bugs and shortcomings stated my customer on time. Even if a concern cannot address, try to make the user understand the challenge and offer better solutions. This will build trust and this forms the foundation for brand loyalty.

2.Don’t forget FTUE(First Time User Experience):-

Even you don’t believe in love at first sight in real life, it plays a major role in app user retention. A significant number of apps are used only once; this fact brings in a huge challenge to the developers, because they have to make the very first experience worthwhile to go any further. The latest trend in app marketplace is to provide the customer a guided tour before he actually uses the app, to ensure that the first time user gets to know what all can the app do.

First experience also involves signing up. Logins and account creation should not be very long to test the patience of the customer. And again today’s trend is to use a social login or an email login to sign up / create account easily and efficiently. Developers can also experiment in allowing the customer to have an x number of uses before asking the customer to sign up. So focus should be on a simple yet intuitive design.

3.Stay in touch with the customer:-

A very nice way to stay in touch with your customer is to use the push / text messages in regular intervals. Firstly, messages can be used as a tool to awaken a dormant customer. App messages can be used as your voice to the customers. According to recent data, 68% of the app users subscribe for text messages and 70% of those find it useful. These are very motivating numbers. A right message at a right time can do wonders. You can consider event based messages, for example, a welcome message during sign up, or an explanatory message when the users reach FAQs. The faster the response, better the retention. If you can send a note to the user the help is on way, you may stop him from going your competitors.

4.Rewards = Retention:-

Another way you might try to make customers satisfied with you is thro some rewards and recognitions for their loyalty. Every relationship gets stronger only when something given and gotten, although may not be materialistic always. But the happiness of getting something un-expected always goes a long way. A fact that would blow you away is - half the users download apps to avail coupons and discounts. App rewards not only increases first time downloads, but also will surely help in building brand loyalty and helps in user retention. If you find users, who have installed your app and have not used for long, try to engage them by giving appropriate incentives, you will surely get them back. Try to announce some loyalty based incentive program.

5.Be Social:-

It is very important to be on the social network more than ever. Firstly, the app you create should be inherently social. It should have the capability to share and promote itself the social media platform Enable the app to share every piece of content in the app, it should be easy to share and like in platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Games, fitness and lifestyle apps are becoming more common today and these apps being share friendly is more than a necessity When social sharing is easy, it becomes an integral part of users and makes the app more interesting and engaging. Also keep in mind to enable cross platform sharing, because the more the better. Each social media has its own advantage and a different type of population to target.

6.Listen to your Customer:-

“Theres no one silver bullet there’s a lot of things you have to get perfectly right. you can only do that by listening to customers and responding to them as fast as possible.” – Nancy Hua (CEO – Apptimize) And its true, the most important engagement strategy is to listen to your customers’ voice. When you listen to your customers, you will not only engage them for good, but you also get a chance to work on things that the customers dislike in the product. And by this, you have better chance of better rating and moving towards the top. The easiest way to do this is by sending NPS (Net Promoter Survey). Based on the feedback, you can categorize the users and work accordingly to delight your users.

The bottom line is, there is no universal formula to make your graph look like a hockey stick. Every big brand started as a new comer into industry and became big by continuous search for perfection. Make sure that you have an organization which is customer centered. Make all your decisions have only one objective, which is “Customer Delight”. When you delight your customer, you are following a strategy which will be the most trusted and most reliable strategy that will never fail you.

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