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Launch it like a Boss – How to create buzz before a product launch?

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You are ready with your app. You have been working with it for the past few months and now it’s all done. Your product is finally ready to be launched. What a sense of satisfaction? Hold on! The next big task is up ahead. The Launch. So you start your online marketing campaign. You set-up hash tags, update your facebook page, and plan get the message out anyone and everyone out there. And then..? You are kind of stuck up there and are in confused state of mind to move further. Fear not. Almost everybody has a kind of hiccup during the launching phase. So today lets discuss some ideas and activities which can create a buzz before you launch a product and sets up an anticipating mood from prospective downloaders.

The first thing to note here is, its never too early to start creating an online buzz for a product. Most of us wait till the product is fully ready to launch and then start our marketing strategies. There are two main shortcomings in this strategy. First, since the product is ready, you would be raring to go and release the product as soon as possible to check how it is accepted and would not employ enough brainstorming to decide on marketing strategies and next, you would be worrying that you may get new competitors every day the product is not launched. But on the other hand if you would have started online marketing long before your product is ready, you can spend ample hours to think, ponder, discuss and decide on your marketing plans and can generate a slow and steady hype around the product.

First things First:-

Let’s look at a model, who else we can look up to, other than Steve Jobs, to learn the art of launching the product. Clearly, Steve Jobs knows how to launch a product and we would love to have some of his abilities up our sleeves to create an excitement around the product.

First thing, Jobs does is a total paradigm shift from the product. He puts people on the forefront and not his product. If you have happened to see his first iPhone launching presentation in 2007, (which I believe, you would have for sure), one thing to notice is, before he launches and talks about the revolutionary product, he spoke about, how hard it is to use smartphones with keys and how iPhone solves this hardship for the users. This is a lesson to be learnt, always focus on what the users get rather than what you give.

Invite Influencers:-

Industry influencers should be a solid part of your campaign. Because, these people always have a huge fan following, and you should use their fan base to promote your product. Again, this strategy is followed by Apple. Apple ropes in bloggers and thought-leaders on board before it launches a product. These people can be given exclusive access so they in turn write about the product. And this makes the common man starts talking about the product even before the demo or MVP is launched. Since the crowd knows nothing about the product, they don’t talk what the product does but what the product might do.

Consider sending your app to:

1.Review websites
2.Social media influencers
4.Tech journalists
5.Expert bloggers

So the media will know who you are and what you are up to, even before you invite them for the launch.

Web presence:-

Another important thing to be aware of is, your presence in the World Wide Web. Building a landing page for your app, should in your check list. Through your landing page users can learn more about the app. Create a signup and try to swell your email list. Landing page should also allow the users to download the press kit and watch your app video. If you want to make more buzz and demand of your app then social media is the best option to do this. Don’t just stop with Facebook and Twitter, explore all the options available. Creating a video to show case the benefits of the product is the current trend. Schedule your posts. Make sure your product is always in the mind of the potential users.

Planning for a launch is like writing a story. The story should start with introducing the characters, building up a plot, and finish with an astounding climax. Same way start with introducing the present scenario, describe how the product would change the scenario, plan for an amazing launching event.

Good Luck with the Launch.

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