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Minimum Viable Product – Early bird catches its prey! Release early, release often. Listen to your customer’s.

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Among all the factors that influence an industry, “Time to market” has been, is being and will be a primary deciding factor that determines the success and failure of a product in a market.

No matter how much you put in, if it is going to reach your customer late, then forget about the rest!

Late news, no use!

The intent of time in regard to MVP is highly crucial and something which has to be looked on. The MVP abbreviated as Minimum Viable Product is designed for “early adopters” amongst stakeholders or possible feedback team who look into improvising the product.

Look out for possible “black hole” loops which when entered might go on to make an infinite loop

Do and listen!

The first step in achieving success in MVP model implies on managing the time and requirement balance.

Do prototypes and give them to your customers for feedbacks. Implement them, re-iterate and go ahead with same but just know where to put what.

Knowing the gravity of the situation and requirement will yield tremendous success results!

The above should probably be your first mantra to success in MVP model.

Set expectations wisely!

Your customer may be new to MVP model or probably doesn’t care about what model you use hence it is wise to set expectations on every interim deliverable obtained.  

The very first MVP interim iteration would be something like a working wireframe’s!

Share but don’t swear!

Based on the feedback obtained, a requirement may have been altered here and there or would have changed altogether, whatever the case is make sure that you and your team is ready to embrace changes even in a module where more efforts have been put in. Never swear for the changes. Well, swear here is a different context that refers to obscene words! 

Learn and validate your learning’s!

Learn about the product and its behavior on each feedback sessions and learn from them. Based on your heuristic abilities about the product, predict and propose solutions.

Work on the add-on’s later.

It is best to prioritize your product features beforehand. Always get inside the core components first, show them, re-iterate if needed freeze them and move on to the next prioritized core feature. Finally come to the additional add-ons or enhancements which fall under “Could” and “Can” requirements.    


Lean startups and MVP are the two key words to gain a foothold in product development. Well it’s so simple to grasp the concept that “To create a product like Microsoft word, create notepad first”!


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