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The New Way Of User Acquisition

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No matter what your business is. The graph for success always rises with the graph for users. More users equates to more profit, nobody can deny it. And if you are a fairly new player in the field, the most important statistics you would like to see, is that of the number of users. Same way when you launch an app in the App Store or on Google Play, the next few mornings you would wake up with an urge to see the number of downloads of the app. Although there is no rabbit from the hat trick to boost the number of users, we do have some very straightforward methods to try and establish a solid customer base.

1)Online Marketing

Unless the customers know the app, the rate of downloads will not turn up for good. So our first focus should be to create a large base of potential customers. There are many ways to do it. You could use Google Ads, Facebook ads, twitter or even LinkedIn if your app falls into that category. Make a budget for marketing and find out where you need to invest more using trial and error method.

2)Public Relations Marketing

This is the trend now. There are lots of things happening daily in technology world, and observably newspapers and website provide separate columns for technology updates. Meet up with technology journalists. Know their interests and focus. Tweak your pitch to match the need. Provide some opportunities for these journalists like, an app launch, or some reviews, you can even give them a free trial. This will help to build a brand name. Customers will not be skeptical to buy your products, if the review is from a third party. You should not restrict yourself from venturing into this plan. You might try with ndtv gadgets, get ahead on rediff, etc.,

3)Content Marketing

This is again the newest entrant into the list of marketing strategies. This is a kind of sandwich marketing. Although the objective is marketing our product, we do not do it directly, instead we create a content which is not exactly a marketing content but intended to do the same work, and float it on the internet. The modes can be of different types: like blogs, videos, infographics, webinars, podcast etc., So what happens, the brand name is on the mind of the customer, a good content will attract more reader and repeated readers, giving more traffic to your website. And over a period of time, the trust builds which might end up with a sale.

4)Partnership Marketing

A right partnership always works. Find services and try to strike a partnership deal. Do a little research on some service, for which your product can be a value add. We can partner with bloggers, Facebook groups, owners of other services, etc., The secret here is to utilize the already available network. Although it sounds easy, the most important part is to find the service or brand which suits our product.

5)Referral Marketing

This marketing strategy is like residual income. You create a customer base and let the customers refer new customers, which in turn increase the customer base. Many apps have benefited from this strategy. Announce freebies and gifts for customers who are regular referrers. This will encourage referrals and in turn more customers.

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