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Things you probably never knew about mobile apps

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Mobile apps – These things have changed our life entirely in the last 5 years or so. You name a thing there is an app for it. From ordering your favorite food to booking ticket for your favorite movie, from shopping to banking you have an app for everything and anything and the best part it you can do these things from anywhere and at any time. These apps have not only changed the life of consumers but also have changed the way businesses do their business. These apps have opened a whole lot of opportunities to explore and businesses have innovating new ways of carry on their business. Do you know that India is the largest country in terms of whatsapp users? Or are you aware that Google play store has the highest number of app downloads? These facts never fail to kindle our interests, and today we would see some more facts that would amaze us. These facts are taken from the internet from varied sources, the authenticity remains with these sources.

1.100 million apps were downloaded from Apple App Store in the summer of 2015:-

With 100 downloads in total, gamin apps were the most downloaded category with 22.49% and business app with 10.38% came second.

2.Android wins hands down with 1.6 million total available apps:-

Google Play Store is the leader, with 1.6 million apps while Apple’s iTunes come next with 1.5 million apps.

3.India has cheapest workforce for Android Development:-

Research shows that India, with its average of $26 / hr, is the cheapest destination for Android development and N. America is costliest with $168/hr.

4.At 70 million users India has the largest number of WhatsApp users:-

WhatsApp is a global application with a strong base of more than 1 billion users worldwide, but India with its 70 million users is the largest consumer of this app.

5.Some Android apps have been downloaded more than 1 billion times:-

The most popular android apps like YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook and 8 more apps have been downloaded more than 1 billion times by June 2015.

6.Facebook is the most used mobile app in 2015:-

Facebook alone acquired 76.8 % f total smartphone users and Facebook Messenger with 62.5 % and Youtube with 61.3% followed the list.

7.66% of the users spend most of their times in Social apps:-

In 2015, it was observed, that most of the traffic were from social networking apps like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.,

8.iOS tops the revenue:-

Android has the most number of downloads but iOS tops the chart with 75% more revenue compared to Android.

9.Predicted revenue of Mobile apps on 2017 - $77 billion:-

Year on year, we have seen a significant growth in revenue for both App Store and Google Play. By the end of 2017, the revenue is predicted to hit $ 77 billion and huge increase from $18.56 billion in 2012.

10.By 2017, app downloads to hit 268.69 billion:-

With the increase in the number of smartphone users, app downloads are bound to increase. You can imagine the growth from the fact that in 2009 the total app downloads were 2.52 billion.

11.Apple users spend 24% more time on iPhone apps than in iPad apps:-

On an average, apple users spend 40.4 minutes in iPad apps and 50.3 minutes in iPhone apps. However, the session duration is longer in iPads than in iPhones.

12.Personalization apps grew fastest in 2015:-

Personalization apps like themes, wallpapers and emojis recorded to be the fastest growing app category with an increase of 332 %. News and magazine apps with 135% grew second fastest.

13.In the US, adult users spend 4hr 39 mins per month in communication apps:-

Adult users in the US, on an average spend 4 hours and 39 minutes per month on communication apps like Facebook, tinder and Snapchat.

14.Smartphone users spend most of their time in gaming apps:-

Users spend 43 % of their smartphone usage time on gaming apps and time spent with social networking apps comes second with 26 % and lifestyle, health and fitness apps were the least used with 1 %.

15.Push messages increase app –user engagement:-

Push messages really do increase user-app engagement, with news applications seeing 28% increase in user engagement and social media apps witnessing 60% more user engagement.

These are some interesting facts, now its your time to understand the significance of these facts and plan user business tactics. Happy planning !!

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