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What really makes a mobile app successful?

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Yes, you have decided to have an app for your business. It is a huge step forward, on the right direction but now you are wondering, what are the chances for your app to become a success. You have done lots of research and have read lots of case studies, but still you are not sure on the things to get right to make your app a successful one. Well, ponder no more, we are here to discuss some really basic but very important elements on which the success of your app rests upon.

1.A Great Idea:-

Yes, all successful apps start with a great idea. The idea should not be just great; it needs to be innovative and different. Look around, you will find lots of companies which do the same business you do and most of them have an app. Take a list of these apps and find what their USP – Unique Selling Proposition is. Every app boasts that they do something different that the other apps do not. Validate your idea now. Think how different you can be from these apps. A great idea is something that solves a problem in a unique, easier and in a better way. Make sure that the idea is relevant to the same service you provide with your conventional business. For eg. If you are a physical training academy, you might consider an app for monitoring your customers’ work-out schedule, or if you are in retail industry, you might try owning an app to enable you customer to order products through mobile. The idea should be an extension and a value-add to your business.

There’s no point in having a great idea if it never comes to fruition, or is so badly executed that it becomes a mediocre idea instead. You need to find a mobile app developer who knows the stuff and is able to understand your vision and turn it into reality. This brings us to the second element which impacts the success of the app.

2.A Great Developer

So now, where to find this great developer? Before we go in search of one, let’s find out who is a great developer and what are attributes should this great developer possess.

A good developer is the one, who doesn’t just code your app. He should first understand your idea and should help to perfect your idea. He should be able to validate your idea. The developer should be able to analyze the opportunity the app can create. He should know that to be success, the app should be easy to access, easy to use and should look great and should work right every time the customer uses. The developer should also develop apps that work in multi platforms or native apps for different platforms.

A great idea developed into a great app will not become a success if it lies buried in the app store and rarely sees the light of day. That’s why the third vital element in creating a successful mobile app is marketing. Once you have the product, you need to market the heck out of it.

3.A Great Marketing strategy:-

Now that a great idea transformed into a great app, the next step is to take to the customer. A great marketing strategy is the need of the hour now. An app is made to enhance the way of living or the lifestyle of the customer. So how would the customer know about it, unless you tell them about it? So we should now focus on the ways of telling this new to the prospective customers. Send them an email link about your service. Take some help from social networking sites Facebook, twitter, etc., Create a landing page drive some traffic to this site. Plan for a press meet or a press release about the product and its launch. Contact a tech reviewer of a blogger and get a review on the product.

Do everything possible to make first few customers start using it, get good reviews, If you manage to do that and you’ve got the first two steps right and created a great product, then word of mouth will do the rest. And now, you have a successful app in your hands!!!

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