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Why would Your Business Need A Mobile App?

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A person averagely spends around 2.7 hours per day in mobile. That is huge, right? Whatever your business maybe, either small, medium or big, you need a mobile app. The question in your mind is, why should my business need a mobile app? What is the use of it? How to create a mobile app? All your questions will be answered in this article.

Your first question, why should my business need a mobile app?


Try to stand out of the crowd. Assume that you are in a service sector which has more competition and crowded . Building an app will make you to stand out of the crowd. Try to market your app with your main product itself so, that everyone will install and you will have a direct-contact with your customer. Direct marketing:- Once a user has installed your app you can easily sell your next product to him just by sending promo videos, offers and working/use of the product which will attract him and that will force him to buy your product. Relationship:- What about product improvement and service? People intend to buy products that has good customer service and better service after sales. In that case a mobile app with online booking of service, store location and tips and tricks about the product will help them a lot. Customer is the king, with an app you can be the king maker.


You register your brand indirectly in their mind with a simple app logo. This is called branding. You can send them notification on how your brand is performing in the market, feedback, testimony of other customers via the mobile app. Branding actually creates a room for improvement of your product and the app.

The second question is, What is the use of it?:-

We have explained all the strategies that you can use to capture you customer mind. But we will explain on how to create new customers and retain the existing one.

Selling to customers left side brain: -An app will increase your sales for sure. The cycle will start when you sell a product to a customer (add download our app from Play store and iTunes logo in the product box, bill etc.,). Once he installs your mobile app send push notifications to him about your product with best UI and content by which he registers your brand in his left side brain, so that he will remember it for ever.

The third question, How to create it?-

Creating a mobile app is easy, but developing a mobile app with more features, best UI/UX matters and it is easy for us develop. Before answering your question on how to create, we will ask you another question, on which platform you should create an app, Android or iOS? We will answer all your question. Android occupies more market share than iOS, that doesn’t mean you should create your app only in Android. Try to understand your customer segment first. Whatever sector you are in, it is better to build an app in both Android and iOS platform. It is not so easy to understand every customer in service, manufacturing sector like we do. It is better to create mobile app in both platforms to gain and keep existing customers.

Your third question, just a simple answer:-

Hakuna Matata, the best app maker is here to do that.

Ending the article with some statistics on why should build an mobile app for your business:-

• 3 in 10 customers buy products in mobile app.
• 1.2 billion accessing web from mobile devices.
• 51% search in app and buy in offline store.
• 44% research and buy online.
• 17% visit offline store and buy online.

An app will increase sales, customer base and loyalty. Then what else you need?
Get in touch with us at:- hello@hakunamatata.in and call us directly at:- +91 9025136622 to create your mobile app.

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