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Simple ways to make your app a rock star!

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The foremost and critical to an app's success probably starts only after the app gets launched!

Foreseeing the mobile application industry's north pointing graph, an expected free downloads alone would increases as much as by 92% according to "Gartner survey".

Table 1. Mobile App Store Downloads, Worldwide, 2010-2016 (Millions of Downloads)








Free Downloads







Paid-for Downloads







Total Downloads







Free Downloads %







Source: Gartner (September 2013) 

Lucidly putting facts straight, the mobile app industry can embrace more players inside its kernel!

However, talking about the success of the deployed apps is still haven't got the lime light I would say.

Companies seek service vendors or develop their own array of mobility products and publish them in the app store and that is where people hold up the happy story to reveal but honestly putting facts, the actual work starts from there!

A best example would be begetting a child. The success story doesn't end with birth but rather it begins with the birth and proceeds on and on till the child becomes a rock star or something BIG!

Exactly replicating the scenario, to make your app a rock star or BIG, your work actually starts after publishing them in distribution platforms.

The previous post's have probed enough on Why you need an app at first place and also other questions in a collective series what we call as "Help me out series".

This article will mainly focus on how you keep your app alive and also other few best practices on making your application get listed in "Featured apps" category which adds to your testimonial column one fine day.

Understand about analytics

To get the best out of your application after publishing them, get familiar with distribution platform's analytics engine.

All platform providers have their own analytics engine that lists out your star ratings, reviews, number of downloads, number of installed users and other bounty of features. Also there are other app analytics engines available in the market for free which gets you a detailed crash reports as well. Flurry and Test Flight are two of many such app analytics engine.

Keep an eye on the details listed in this tool as it reaps out maximum on where to focus next

User Feedback: Two edged sword!

The user feedbacks are definitely a double edged sword which can act like your blessings as well as a curse.

It is okay to expect compliments but it is wise to accept complaints as well. In the case of latter, take them as a constructive criticism and respond your user ASAP.

Even if you're NOT going to fix them right away, just tell them that you will soon fix them and set and manage a right expectation.

Improvise is the key here!

Based on your one stars and complaints don't get stranded, instead leap back with all energy you have got. Well not exactly the physical leap; focus on fixing and enhancing the quality of your application.

A user will always expect a change in the better usability and clutter free UI, focus on the details to make your app's second version with a better UI and super-better UX. Read more about designs here.

Stick to your platform provider's app policy.

Apps that get high ratings and make it to Featured app section have all adhered to the app principles laid by the platform provider. Strict adherence to them will always make it easier for you to give a good feel to the managers of your platform.

Other key aspect here would be updating your UI and functionalities in regard to your platform provider's OS update.

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