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Email Marketing - Making it work

| Category: General    

With Internet unleashed , any or most of the business needs Online Marketing!! Most of our customers spend considerable amount of quality time Online, so it has become predominantly important to capture their attention and engage them online...

A gnarly product or a service sells for itself, having said that, to compete with rivals one has a compelling reason to market their product / service.

 With a handful of tools and techniques and an appropriate mix and match, how do we launch a campaign to make it work would be the strategy of the company. This month we will look at one such tool “Email Marketing” and how to take best out of it.  “ Its simple“ - yes it is, if you can try adapt the following.

Also if you have a tip, Please feel free to add comments below.

  1. Always get Permission : You don't want Spam complaints to shoot up, people will ignore your email- even worse, they may opt out all together.

  2. Provide necessary expectations : Tell your subscribers you will send them and how often they can expect.

  3. Use Email Marketing instead of Newsletters : Newsletters are more 2000ish and aged, Mails in writing attracts more specific customers, and probes to involve in a dialogue.

  4. Provide Relevant Message/ Information : Its deters the subscribers mood to receive an email with an not so interested topic or an alien information.

  5. Matching your email to your brand : Have your logo appear on the email with your products / service color theme, this will make your subscribers to relate your product / service.

  6. Design the email and landing pages so it’s easy for mobile users : Realize that the popular iPhone has a viewable space of 320 x 356 pixels. That’s not much compared to the real estate of your computer (probably above 1024 x 768). This means you should condense the width so they can read the email without resizing the message.

  7. Make your email readable with out Images : We all like images, if for privacy reasons email clients rejects the image have an alt text read a relevant text.

  8. Use Appropriate Fonts : Imagine the case of a business proposal with comic sans font, Always choose a font to reflect the contents mood.

  9. Personalize email : Use the subscribers name rather than using a nick name, this will throw a good personalized effect on the reader.

  10. Less is more : People are pressed for time, most of us are not ready to scroll to read emails, A small tip here “write what you need in a relevant way and then trim down to half”

  11. Make your emails engaging and solicit feedback – As a reader, I like it when the sender asks a provoking question and solicits a response on their Facebook or simply via reply. This is good not only for the social interaction, but it will also educate you on what people think about your emails.

  12. Testing your mail in different email clients : Once you have a final draft ready to send test it with some email clients, Preview it how it looks.

  13. Send Email with Multi part functionality : Combine the best of HTML fancy email and plain text to serve subscribers, there are few devices which does not show HTML, multipart renders the plain version of the email.

  14. Use pre headers to provide preview of the email : This is considered always a best practice to show a preview of the entire content.

  15. Ask for users and subscribers feedback : Take feedback for both your passive – subscribers who click and read and Active – Subscribers who asks questions.

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