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iPhone Vs Android - Which platform should you launch your product fist

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62% app developers choose Android as their first platform

According to the 'Mobile App Developer Survey 2013' done by Vserv.mobi, Android is the platform of choice for app developers entering the development arena.

Three quarters of app developers have been in this industry for less than three years, making this a young, but growing industry, says the survey. Also, app developers that enter this business primarily adopt the Android OS. Once they gain foothold, they start embracing other platforms as well with lesser efforts.

Another survey according to Vision Mobile, 34.4% of developers now choose Android as their primary application platform, compared 32.7% that first target iOS. On average, developers target 2.9 different platforms for mobile development, indicating we live in a multi-platform world. But forced to choose where to start, more go with Android.

This trend is more pronounced in tablet application development too. According to a new Evans Data developer survey, 84% of those that want to develop for tablets target Android compared to 62% targeting iOS and 52% targeting Windows.

This data doesn't necessarily mean Android is easier or more approachable platform, though many would argue that it is. Another way to read this trend is to correlate Android development with emerging markets. Much of the growth in mobile device shipments is moving to developing economies, leading to rising developer populations in these regions. 

This supposition seems to be borne out by how much Android developers make compared to iOS developers.

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The application development picture in India has favoured iOS although the favourable picture is for Andorid rather however, past year has surpassed the trend in opting iOS by app developers. These numbers merely mean one thing as final – Choose and release Android first before catching up with flying iOS if not for the world then least for Indian market.  


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