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Outsourced Product Development

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Outsourced product development is a stable and substantial market ,at the same time not every software vendor can come out with a envisioned product . Lack of technical skills coupled with the opportunities galore across several areas including platforms, tools, portals, so companies tend to search for reliable technical amalgamation to deliver products.

Recent times mobile Applications is one of the prominent platforms for outsourced product development. Given the fact, not every web development company can have a makeshift into Mobile market. With a grater potential and deeper penetration of the smart phones and tablets it has become the order of the day to perform all day to day work over phones. Companies strive to launch a product in a short span of time for a grater reach . OPD seams to be the only way of hope for Mobile Apps.

It was once Web-applications which had oligarchy over other platforms for OPD, with the market leaning towards mobile platforms has opened the doors for Mobile Apps development companies to takeover web development companies.

A recent interaction with our OPD client, we got some interesting information as to what happens once the product is delivered, ”Its a lengthy process involving spot reviews, user acceptance, beta testing, discussions related to production planning, creation of upgrade scripts, the final production move and post-production activities for several weeks until the sustenance starts”.Making it tip of the iceberg.

While we investigate benevolence of OPD, many companies face issues in the event of OPD ,A product during the drawing board stage may take a different shape during launch, investors may contradict to the stand which is agreed upon by the company and the providers , there could be  coherent changes in the predicted market, Another bourgeois reason - missing agreed upon deadlines , there could be factors influencing this from both the end .For these reasons traditional OPD will not help with the current situation ,Both the provider and vendor company should go hand in hand in accomplishing best practices for a success full launch and there after !!!!

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