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Web to Mobile - is the shift mandatory ?

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As more companies see their targets using mobile phones as the way of life, there is a situation to have a makeshift in how companies cater the audience. Little wonder why the top brands have already started to exploit the market in mobile technologies.

Mobile phones will be more popular than Pc's for accessing web content from 2013 – Garter ”\r\n\r\nLet us look at the case of Facebook - one of the early starters to address the market via mobile technology.

“ 102 million people accessed Facebook solely from mobile in June, a massive 23% increase over the 83 million mobile-only users in March. 18.7% of its 543 million monthly mobile users don’t even visit its desktop site.”


Being an early bird in Mobile market, does this makeshift will increase the revenue or take a plummet. Sponsor Ads has been a great form of revenue for Facebook ,which in fact started after a certain period of market analysis , With the mobile version of Facebook will it be possible to have a same impact on Ads revenue? As users will have a problem using UI with same share of Ad space compared to Web.

Enterprises getting pressure from all its stake holders for a makeshift just because its a “Cool factor” but enterprises should give a deep thought on WHY MOBILE ? Which in-turn will lead to a debate of Mobile App or a Mobile compatible hakunama_website ,

  • Does the enterprise expect the employees to extend their work timing / work from remote ?
  • Enterprise wants to track real time data's from employees on field ?

  • Making a shift for a cloud storage ?

  • Satisfying your Brand loyal customers with a “Cool factor”

Since the web technology has penetrated to a greater extent , wanting to create the same in Mobile has opened doors to Mobile Application development companies to work towards challenging tasks. The down side from a technology point of view is the compatibility issues with Mobile phone 's, But thanks for “Phone gap” and related softwares for bridging the gap.

This on the go technology is definitely replacing the traditional ways of accessing web, but it depends on the enterprises to take it or leave it.

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