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key things you must know before choosing your mobile application vendor

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This Help me out series is targeted for the “First timers” who approach the mobile application development industry to get things done in terms of mobile app or mobile web or probably the responsive website.

Our previous post’s about “Why a mobile application?” and “What mobile OS to choose from?” paves a clear cut way of getting a mobile application done!

As a locomotive post of the subsequent learning’s about,

  1. Why a mobile application for your business?
  2. What mobile platform to choose from and also why choose them?
  3. And the third and final instalment of Help me out series, we have now “By Whom and what to look for” question being answered for the newbie’s and would-be clients!

In a survey conducted by Business2community, we found that as many as 75% of the enterprises have already embraced mobile technology to multiply employee productivity!

The same survey also states that the mobile application growth is expected to be around a whopping 400%!

With so many guarantees around us about the future of computing is gonna get handy and portable, the apt question at this juncture would be “Whom should we approach to make it done?”

Well, it is us!

But I will make sure that this post will not self centred study rather a generous post for anybody to know what to expect when approaching when you are ready to embrace the technology that we are passionate about and probably that is the reason why we have made this open to all to know more!

Ponder the following points before you decide or once you have decided about embracing mobile application for your business!

  1. Bid...Bid...Bid! Choose then!  
    It is always wise to bid to multiple vendors to have a comparative study on what they say for what you ask!
    If a vendor thinks you are sensible in stating your requirements, they may give you ample suggestions if they think that your “Time to market” factor is pathetically low, then forget about the rest!
  2. It can help you in two ways – One is that you can refine your requirements or idea and second is you get better clarity on the technical and technology being proposed!

  3. Good input is equal to good output!
  4. Talking in terms of investment of time and money, it is not always the fastest and cheapest is a best option! Being in the industry for pretty good years, we have seen our sales lead opting out cheaper bid than us and seeing a crumbling down of their great ideas!

    Choose to work with reputation and experienced workshops rather than numbers that seem low to your eyes!

    Remember “You get what you pay for!

  5. Seek ye shall find!
  6. Asking questions will never annoy any developmental firm provided they know enough answers for your questions!

    A vendor who dribbles with your question should not to be trusted because we believe that “Doubt is root of all knowledge”!  

  7. Check his wardrobe to predict his style!
  8. Every vendor possess a so called great websites, check them out and see whether it is impressive enough, skim through them once and think!

    If a web specialist website isn’t that good, than how would his web skill would be of use to you?

  9.  Port at the portfolio for some time!
    A portfolio is the greatest asset of every vendor!
  10. Skim them once and look out for related products or apps that they already have, this give an ample room for both the parties to come to a conclusion on the expertise trust worthiness!

  11. Survival of the fittest

Hire only experienced developers with at least four apps for mobile and four for web section. Because at end of the day, the take away would be the experience of the survival of the fittest in any industry!



The third and final instalment of “Help me out series” has come to an end with every possible question being answered; I must personally thank Google for aiding me with facts and info’s.

Read on about the “How do we do it series” to get the glimpse of our team working and practices! 

Have an Appie time!

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