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Choosing best project management methodology: Don’t “fry and die” by BIG names!

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The face of the now-industry’s project management is actually running behind what is popular,at this moment if we hold and look around and talk to people about managing a project,few of the common things that come out of their mouth would be words “Scrum” and “Waterfall” and sometimes “Spiral”.

But the real truth lies somewhere deep inside still unravelled!

Let’s take a walk to demystify certain truths about project management that is highly crucial to a successful execution and completion of any project by going through step-after-step, deeper and deeper inside.

1. Recognize what you are clinging to

Don’t get carries away with “Agile”, “Waterfall” and all those stuffs! If you already posses a strong relation with any of these, do add them to the list of what you are clinging to even if something fascinated you. It might be a trap that you are inviting!


Every project has its own unique requirements and it is that unique requirements which determines the “Methodology” to be implemented! It is like choosing a beautiful and long wedding gown for a baby born yesterday! The gown may be awesome but it is not going to fit the baby in any way!


2.  Be open to ideas, decide what is right after knowing all the wrong!

As soon as things are identified, it is wise to even merely know what the other options that are available are. Say for example, if you wish to use “Scrum” model as your project management methodology, just know that there is still 54 other named project methodologies available and you have just chosen one from hardly ten or odd!

You might get what you need, not what you want

3. Take a step back and think

Once you learn what are the things that are existing around you and are still unknown in your view, take a step back and start analyzing about the comparative study on the “metrics” involved with that of the requirements that you have in hand. We call this as creating function points in the regard to the programming language used and its complexity, Reusable features, Number of logical code involved and finally the experience and expertise of the team involved in developing the project.   


“Holding a pebble close to the eye makes it seemingly like a mountain! Whereas, keeping it away makes it tiny again!”


As you come out of unknown darkness to known light, you will get to know more options than this article discusses about. Putting things effectively in a place where things are meant to be that and not this, you will realize things rationally about your requirements rather than what others say or what you are obsessed about.  


4. Get support

This will be the final step taken towards finalizing on the what is needed rather than what is wanted, most of the vendors fail to explain the importance of the choosing a right project management methodology based on the requirements instead they follow and also make the client follow on what they have been following or on what they have been already doing well.

In my previous blog post, on choosing a right vendor, one of the key points would be looking for the vendors website, in every vendors website there would be a menu called “process” or something along that line, they only showcase on what they do best, but you should make enquiries what would be the best project methodology for “your” requirements and not a generic answer as such! 



Summing all up, all you need to know is choose the best project management methodology after you know well about your requirements. The unknown is many whereas the known is trivial in number. In one of the interesting article that I came across recently, I found this table to be precise and clear cut with all necessary metrics being considered aptly for choosing a project management!



There are tons and tons of things that are named here in this blog, but the actual and absolute things are far behind one’s reach, and hence when making a crucial decision on choosing a methodology out of 5,568,750 various combinations of factors, choose the best after knowing what is best and what is worst!

Always remember that “Requirements demand methodology”.

Also as a simple memory jogger, skim through these images taken from here which was helpful in drafting this article.  

They have segregated the Heavy methodologies as “Waterfall, Unified process and Spiral models” and under Light methodologies “Extreme programming and Scrum” models are considered.

Have an Appie time! J

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