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How “Thoughts” become “Actions”!

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Well, the previous posts about why you would need a mobile application for your business and also the subsequent post about choosing right platform will tend to lighten your mask covering the underlying concepts of mobile application development.

Furthermore, it is more important to know how things get its shape and size after you acquit your ideas to us to realize how it incubates from our hands straight into yours!

Whence you have decided to hang out with us in creating a mind boggling mobile application, we would be extra enthusiastic in showing our secret road map to success!

When deeply thought about making your customer understand “How a work is done” rather than

“What work is being done?” the eventual question of “What work is being done?” can be answered.

What is more important here is gaining the trust which almost all customers and stake holders are expecting from their vendor, who is us!

Diving deeper into “How the work is being done?” to develop a Top-Drawer mobile application is relatively non-vernacular in nature but I will make sure that am not getting all those Jargon junks into your head now. Well, at least now!


@hakuna matata, we lay emphasis on your “Thoughts” and “Vision” more than your “requirements” about your mobile application as we believe that it is the former that creates nifty-nifty app rather than the latter which creates volumes of documents (no offence!) which of course is “also” a part of our process of crafting a nifty-nifty app!

We call this process of fixing an outline for your application as “Ideating with Three O”. Our ideating flow diagram helps you understand better.

“Deposit” here to go forth!

When we start up a project we will make sure about three “Deposits” at very first place before even actually start working to ensure successful execution of the project!

The deposits are:

                  1.   Idea

                  2.   Time

                  3.   Money (Pun indented! :-P)

Nevertheless never leave away the first two deposits as that will make things safer and better as the project progresses!

Check! 1...2...3...! Record!

Once the deposits are made, the next probable step would be “Recording” about every auxiliary events encircling “one idea” of yours which we call as “Functional” and “Non functional” requirements.

The “hang out” meetings are set between client and us to hash-out about the ideation freely, on the arrival of decisive decisions about the scope and demand the application demands, we shall go

about recording every intricate detail into a set of document’s called “Requirement analysis document” which encompasses other smaller set of documents like,

                1.   Project scope definition

                2.   Project understanding document

                3.   Business requirement document

As a token of mutual understanding of these documents, a sign off is sought from the client for the foundation stone that is laid to build an empire of mobile application for your business!

Pattern the purpose!

Since we have already discussed about how exactly a design of UI is carried out with secret

“ingredients” put in make it spicy and great! Read the post  here!

“Mime” them all!

You read it right, it is “Miming”. It is about showing actions on the whole!

When collective thoughts are turned visible with an UI, then there is no stopping about for mime show! Everything that was recorded and sought signed off is made into actionable items.

In regard to the technology expertise in web and mobile: you name them, we have them here!

Playback the record once!

Once the technological and technical implementation is over, play back the “Record” we already have once to cross check what was said and what has been done. Re-iterate in case of any mismatch will pave way for greater stability of the application in aspect of “Ideation” process.

Technically, industry calls this stage as “Testing” and I call them “Rewind and Play” segment!

Say “cheese”!

It’s time pose for a picture with your client! As a tip wear a majestically looking suit and hold the application that you have developed for your majestic client and say cheese along with him!

Covering up all the things as one with a big smile, look at the image here,

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