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Changing Trends in Mobile Application development industry: To be or not be a developer!

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The world has witnessed smartphone industry grow by leaps and bounds. The popularity of this industry has skyrocketed and the reasons are many. It has surpassed human expectations, and provided applications addressing almost every human need. It covers entertainment, social media, text messages, health, etc. The driving force behind the growth of the mobile industry is a mobile application.

Mobile applications has taken the mobile world by storm and covered almost all aspects of human life. It can be a simple flashlight application or a dictionary or as big as a Google map navigation app. People think of an application, and it is available for download in the app store across leading platforms. These are the lighter versions of computer applications, promising of being rich in entertainment and information.

Mobile application development is a billion dollar industry. As mobile phone industries strive hard to capture the attention of users through innovative and useful applications, the demand for smartphone app developers is growing. With the evolution of the mobile industry, mobile application development has emerged as a serious job market for developers.

As companies are looking to penetrate the market with new smart gadgets, the demand for developers has increased tremendously. The booming industry is struggling to get quality developers. There is a notable difference in demand and supply ratio of apps and developers.

Companies across the globe are always on the forefront to get developers, for creating the next blockbuster app to hit the mobile screens worldwide.

“Mobile applications has taken the mobile world by storm, and has conquered almost all aspects of human life”

The growing demand for app developers

The mobile application development is not limited to general users but has also reached business and institutional users. This growing industry has not only enticed customers, but also business conglomerates.

Healthcare, real estate, social media, marketing and many more vital areas of human existence are being covered with mobile apps.

The demand for new apps is not restricted to games. Business app development is also a growing trend. Organizations are converting their in-house web application to mobile platforms.

In short, the demand for app developers is on the rise with every passing year.


Upcoming app development areas

If you really want to grow career in mobile apps development, have hands on the latest tools and technologies. Below mentioned are the areas that are on the rage these days. There is a lot of job opportunities in mobile technology because of increased demand of the smartphone applications by Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry.

Arcade environment

Industry experts are trying to explore and transform mobile apps into arcade environment. This in the future is going to come up as an entirely new niche of development for programmers of mobile apps.

Industries are willing to risk their investments on the migration of most popular mobile app games to arcade environments. Their idea is backed by the low investments for application development. This is an entirely new and uncovered area for app development.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is the new upcoming niche of app development. It is a futuristic concept and will be the reality. Leading mobile players in the market have realized this area and are quickly looking to explore. This will change the way people see and feel things. The development of augmented reality mobile apps is in its infancy, and lack of expert developers makes it even more challenging.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is another area, untouched to its complete potential. Experts predict massive amount of growth in the future for cloud computing. As cloud computing enable programmers to create programs more economically, chances are that it will explore to its full potential. Since mobile users are able to access the application using mobile browsers, it eliminates the need for developers to take support of costly franchises such as Apple’s app store. This widens the scope of app development and gives developers freedom to establish themselves in the app world.

Opportunities galore

If a developer has the necessary skill set and ability to think out of the box, stepping into mobile app development can be a successful career. At present freelancers get paid around 30$ to 40$ per hour for writing code. This industry seriously lacks supply of quality professionals. Apple, Android and other market giants are ready to pay developers huge amount. They are always looking for the developers coming up with unique ideas. Moreover, developers can quote their own price for their exclusive creations.

In addition, developers can explore the development areas such as app integration with television, in-car navigation, responsive web designs, eCommerce, 3D animation and graphics.

Great market potential

Mobile app development market has enormous potential. IT professionals can take it as their career for the future. Different operating systems need apps, representing them in the market. Different phones with different platform streamline the development process, increasing the need for experts specific to those platforms.

They all are concerned about one thing where will the developers come from. The answer could be experts from the existing pool, or fresh grads entering the workforce or people looking to switch their profession.

This certainly is a positive signal for all those people looking to make app development as their career. This industry not only has increased demand for developers, but also has created opportunities for other skills.


Mobile app development will experience tremendous growth in the future. People having doubts about this industry might get a clear vision about the future prospects of app development. App development can be considered as a better career over other jobs, but people must remember that success in this industry determines their future. No matter the number of apps you are capable of developing, but unless the skills get recognized one cannot utilize the potential of his/her ability. There are different factors to be considered before stepping into this career path.

The opportunities are endless and future is bright. With the advent of smart gadgets in the market, opportunities for developers are enormous. This is one of those few areas where right idea and right execution can help you to achieve massive success in this career.

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