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Is Windows 8 tab an existential threat to Android or Apple ?

| Category: Mobile Applications    

Is windows tablet just another tab to make its presence in Tab market ? of-course YES , why would a leading player in PC's not venture tablet market. But will this gadget pose a threat to existing biggies. Read on to find weather this new kid on block ready to challenge neighborhoods old bully.

Let's look at Apple , “ The Apple faithful are going to use Apple”

Undoubtedly Apple will stand high in-terms of

  • Apps Availability – There is no point fighting with Apple on this, As a device there are cheap or even free mind blowing Apps, though windows has an array of PC games most of it either require an accessory to use their Apps.

  • Instant On – This is a bigger task for the rivals ,iPad users boasts coming alive immediately after pressing the power button, even with the Intel core i5 processor it takes a few seconds to wake up, making it less compelling experience.

  • Form factor – Apple's latest ipad tips a 652g on scale!!! As per Intels statement there are more than 40 touchscreen Windows 8 notebooks in the pipeline - perhaps one of them will be super light. Well by that time we could even see 300g ipad.

With the ever increasing switch from traditional PCs , Users wants to do real work in Tablets rather than just reading emails and browsing Internet, If Windows is able to cater this segment there is a possible chance of threat to Apple from Windows. 

For those who don't want to bite on Apple, Android has always been an alternative till date.

  • Interface - Windows 8 will showcase a markedly unique design based on Metro tiles. The vivacious home screen will be composed such colorful 'live' tiles, which automatically gets updated over time (like e-mails received and weather change). This fascinating dynamic attribute along with a freshly conceived screen certainly makes the Windows a worthy competitor
  • OS – Windows 8 will be running collectively from tablets to personal computers , this means a better handling and application based compatibly is offered to Windows 8

  • App Availability and Quality – Because of its long terms market presence Android has an upper hand, it will take time for Windows to attract potential developers to come out with Apps competing both Android and Apple.

As long as we use Google for searches and Chrome browser for browsing Google will have it bread and butter via Ads !!! Windows needs to work on all fronts to survive and suffice its rival. Considering above factors Apple will continue to stand tall, Android might see an considerable competition from Windows.

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