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Things to be considered before developing an application

| Category: Mobile Applications    

Five years back on a coldest month SteveJobs released first ever revolutionary phone, which has not seen a downfall since then - Yes we are talking about i phone, if some one could recollect number of apps during those days - they hardly filled up the home screen. But today number of apps runs to few pages. “A recent report says there are around 41 apps in every smartphone”.

With the ever increasing number of apps hitting the stores, challenges for the developers and business analysts and app owners increases proportionally to deliverer the “Best App Ever”. As users from all quarters from life find and depend on apps for their day to activities from getting their grocery lists to deciding a venue for wedding. Guess what ? Developer fails to impress the users. It would be great if app developers can step out and work around these flaws, avoiding the wrath of petulant smart phone owners.


Apps flooding the users with Emails – poor guy gave his email ID for registration.

A report says we spend 28% of the workday dealing with email; we don't want any more. Someone you haven't spoken to since freshman year of college joined twitter! Your old neighbor added you to a circle on Google+! Who cares? Though there are settings in the app to control these, by default an app should stop flooding email.


Irrelevant Push Notification – well i can see this, when i get into the app!!! why buzz me 

Many of us put our friends and family in a list on facebook, so we could stay abreast on whats going on. Do we need a push message when some one uploads a photo ??? even more frustrating would be a late news , when news is already out and spreading we receive a push message about the news.

Push messages should be relevant and relevant to users action, take Foursquare for instance, when you walk towards a venue and its on your TO-DO's there is a message which works well for all.


Great app gets abandoned – no were to go ,will some one fix it for me huh

If a team builds an awesome app and abandons it, users might also abandon it, no matter what, there is always a team who can work on some thing similar with a polished version. Imagine a awesome app,but with minor bug fixes would have an extraordinary fan following. Take Exit Strategy NYC Subway Map app is an very good app but with little glitches and has not been updated for over 2 years, but still manages to have decent number of downloads.


Frequent Rate us !!! - Forgive me, i have used your app once in my life time.

Positive rating will help apps to push downloads, But a user does a million other things and wants to check really quick on some thing before heading out and he doesnot wants to be stopped and redirect to store for a rating. If a user deletes an APP never ask for a rating , in most cases you will not get a positive feedback.


Connecting to Facebook frequently – Why Cook your APP?

This has become a new trend to have logins authenticated via Facebook, this is fine i don't have to remember all user names and passwords. But why do you connect facebook for every sinngle action on the app. Also in a recent survey conducted 600,000 users has left face book for the past one year across EU- So facebook integration is a better option but not the best / only option left. 

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