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Hybrid Mobile Apps: Is it the way forward?

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With Mobile platforms & eco systems increasingly becoming complicated, need for providing mobile applications for customers, employees and stake holders can not be ignored.

Due to constant evolution of mobile ecosystem and BYOD gaining some steam, it is necessary evil to support multiple platforms. The challenge is to find the striking balance between features, platform support & usability with in allocated budget requires some thinking on method of development.

Primarily mobile development firms across the world were using device's Native SDKs to develop applications. But developing the application for all device platforms comes at extensive cost and maintenance becomes a head ache. One application is out in the market, it has to be maintained and can not be allowed to die especially when you have stake holders using it. With these pain points, for companies it is very difficult to afford native applications unless revenue is generated out of mobile applications.

Hybrid applications are designed as sandwich between native & web applications. It draws advantages of both Native & web apps. To put in simple terms, Hybrid apps are developed using traditional web languages – HTML5, CSS & JavaScript they utilize wrappers to access the device features such as Camera, GPS. There are multiple cross platform frameworks available which aim to enrich the UI & provide access to native features through wrappers

Necessity of developing applications in multiple platforms due to diverse user base and increasing device cost (BYOD will become prominent) will drive the need of hybrid applications which offers to solve the current business problems. However, Hybrid frameworks still to evolve and have quite some path to catch up with native applications primarily in terms of usability.

And more so, success of Hybrid applications depends up on the developer ecosystem too. Unless the developer community has an incentive to adapt to hybrid frameworks, it is going to very difficult for hybrid frameworks to catch up with Native applications.

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