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Phone Gap Hybrid Mobile Apps

| Category: PhoneGap    

Phone Gap is a open source framework for building cross platforms mobile applications with Html, css & Java Script. Its essentially a wrapper which can be build cross platform mobile applications from same source code.

Platforms Supported: IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, WebOS, Symbian and Bada.

Advantages of Using Phone Gap

  • Single Code base for the cross platform applications

  • Access to hard ware features like Geo Location, Vibration, Accelerometer, Contact and Sound.

  • In Development time & cost compared to development of native applications for every platform.

  • Offline Support similar to Native Applications

  • Use of Client Side data base API.


  • As phone gap supports multiple platforms, new features released might not be part of the phone gap framework.

  • Several Core device features may not be integrated with Phone gap.

  • Monetization opportunities of Phone gap are lesser compared with native applications

  • Performance is slightly on a lesser side compared to native applications.

  • Number of available libraries are lesser. For example, bar code scanner, signature capture is not available in Html5.

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