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As a Pre Sales Consultant work closely with the sales team on proposals and pitches for business. Attending meetings with business development managers and acting as a technical expert.

Job Description

  • Work ​with ​Distributors ​and ​customers ​to ​generate software ​license ​quote, ​purchase ​orders ​and ​invoices and ​further ​follow ​up ​with ​payments.
  • Respond ​promptly ​to ​customer ​questions ​with ​deep, detailed ​technical ​explanations ​of ​product ​features ​and capabilities.
  • Prepare ​and ​deliver ​differentiated ​solution ​presentations or ​technical ​proposals ​working ​with Product ​Specialists and ​Architects.
  • Deliver ​and/or ​coordinate ​differentiated ​solution demonstrations ​to ​prospective ​customers.
  • Manage ​technical ​validation ​activities ​including ​proof ​of concepts.
  • Basic ​knowledge ​on ​enterprise ​software ​licenses ​sales.
  • Basic ​understanding ​of ​Cloud, ​On-Prem ​and ​Hybrid solutions.
  • Talk ​to ​onsite ​partner ​and ​understand ​the ​requirements and ​think ​through ​the ​system ​and ​the ​underlying platform.
  • Drafting ​the ​proposal ​based ​on ​the ​ITN, ​RFP ​and ​RFQ from ​potential ​new ​and ​existing ​ustomers.
  • Experience ​working ​with ​CRM ​softwares, ​Cloud ​Products like ​XERO, ​ZOHO ​or ​something.
  • Hands ​On ​Experience ​in ​one ​or ​more ​of ​the ​following technologies ​is ​a ​definite ​plus: ​Data ​Integration,Data Warehousing,Data ​Quality,Data ​Governance, ​and Business ​Intelligence.
  • Be ​a ​team-player ​and ​willingness ​to ​take ​any responsibility ​the ​team ​needs ​for ​the ​success ​of ​the company.
Skills - technical & non technical
  • System ​understanding.
  • Good ​in ​Communication
  • Positive ​Attitude
  • Able ​to ​prepare ​BRD.
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