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As an Outbound Sales Executive, you would need to drive sales for the organization through a variety of sales techniques and Identifies prospects by cold calling.

Job Description

  • 1. Analyse target market and formulate marketing plans and brand building strategies.
  • 2. Should have descent understanding of relevant web and mobile technologies -technical academic/ professional background preferred.
  • 3. Experience in service or product presentation to customers.
  • 4. Responsible for heading up their expansion in new markets as well as continued expansion among existing clients.
  • 5. Building relationships with existing clients in an attempt to increase their current spend.6. Drive peak performance and sales success across the organization.
  • 6. Create, negotiate and close commercial agreements.
  • 7. You will be instrumental in devising and implementing the strategy for meeting sales performance targets.
Skills - technical & non technical
  • 1. Extremely strong in written and verbal communication skills
  • 2. Minimum 1 year experience in IT Sales.
  • 3. Good in Cold Calling
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