Shop Floor Automation


About Client

Our client is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. The company principally operates through its three primary segments – Construction Industries, Resource Industries and Energy & Transportation – and also provides financing and related services through its Financial Products segment.

The Challenge

The shop floor comprises supervisors and operators. Supervisors have to schedule job cards for the operators. They should also measure their performances at the end of the day. This was performed manually by the client.

The process was time consuming, lacked accuracy which impacted their overall productivity and efficiency.

The Approach

Based on the understanding we had on the process and business challenge, we suggested shop floor digitization solution to the client. The client was impressed and insisted on implementing the solution on their premises.

Our Solution

The solution simplified the laborious manual process of assigning job cards to the operators on a day-to-day basis. The plant supervisors were able to assign tasks with a touch of button and the operators were able to update their job details, factors impacting efficiency by the end of the day without breaking a sweat. The shop floor digitization solution reduced the time and cost involved in the process and made the process completely paperless.

Key Results

Dinamalar is the third largest Tamil daily newspaper by circulation (Over 900,000), printed from across 10 cities. With over 100 photographers spread across the country, they had a robust capability to supplement news with images. To sustain their competitive edge in a cut throat market, they created an exclusive, secure portal for photographers to upload their images. But, in the age of the mobile and ‘breaking news’ it was not enough.

Technology Stack

Operator and Supervisor Mobile application – Easy to perform tasks and update status to supervisors seamlessly by end of day. The tasks due can be assigned to another operator dynamically the next day or next shift and this streamlined the process paving way for improved productivity.
Plant Manager Web Application – Interactive Visual Dashboard for tracking and measuring productivity, LE and project progress updates of operators at the end of the day.


The Result

The overall complexity associated with the process was completely simplified and both operators and supervisors were able to perform their day-to-day tasks efficiently and on-time. The overall productivity rate improved by 20%.

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