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Our client is a leading retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances, with a chain of stores across South India, was looking to improve the way goods are delivered to customers.

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Balaji Karunananthan

Head - IT

Viveks - The Unlimited Shop

Very little automation, manual intervention and lack of effective communication systems meant that product delivery did not match the sales efforts. Customers had no view of delivery status till the delivery is completed.

The Challenge

The prime challenge for sales professionals and warehouse operator was tracking delivery status. Customer’s point of contact is the salesperson, who was in no position to provide accurate status. What was at stake was not only customer satisfaction but also effective use of resources.

Key Results

  • Reduced delivery time
  • Increase in the average number of deliveries per day
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved decision making

Our Approach
Our approach was to make sure that the customer is informed, assured and served well. We designed an Android app for the delivery personnel that seamlessly integrated with the POS system of sales & inventory to pick up customer and order information.

Our Solution
The app pulled in Google Maps and GPS to allow for route guidance, geo-tagging for delivery tracking, Signature Capture for delivery confirmation, and AWS for data storage. What it delivered was for warehouse and sales teams dynamic tracking of delivery; customer location and order details for the delivery personnel; sms alerts on the delivery status for the customers; and a quick close of the delivery report by way of customer signature capture through mobile.

The app needed to work at multiple layers to deliver what it promised – easy and efficiency. The database layer (My SQL), the data sync layer (Java), the application layer (Node js, SQLlite), the storage layer (AWS), and the usability layer (Geo tagging, Driver tracking, Route map Algorithm, Customer Signature).


Our Impact

  • The time taken for delivery was dramatically reduced as was the number of delivery misses
  • The average number of deliveries per day per delivery person increased exponentially as was operational efficiency of the warehouse
  • Customer satisfaction took flight even as the organization had a central view of customers and the product delivery for better decision-making

Reduce time

Faster delivery

Customer satisfaction

Centralized data

Delivery Management


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