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Aluminium Formwork – Asset Tracking

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About Client

When one of the largest construction companies in the world decided to work with Hakuna Matata for a robust technology enabled solution to efficiently track and manage Aluminium Formworks materials – they were in for a pleasant surprise. What we delivered was a tried & tested, easy & smart way to track – QR Code system; a new age technology solution offering exceptional ease and speed – a hybrid mobile app; flexibility – web portal; and scalability & cost efficiency –a customizable product that can be deployed in other verticals. In short, we gave the organization a complete, powerful digital solution in a small package.

The background

Aluminium Formwork System is a construction system for forming cast in the concrete structure of a building. It is also a system for scheduling and controlling the work of other construction trades such as steel reinforcement, concrete placement and mechanical and electrical conduits. The client wanted to better track Aluminium Formworks materials used by them on a continuous basis. The existing system involved components being defined by their physical dimensions and a code that identifies the location in which they would have to be placed during the construction.

The Business challenge

Traceability of the material was the biggest challenge for the client – leading to several inefficiencies. With the formwork components undergoing a series of changes in the yard to make them suitable for construction, the BOQ of the inward material has a distinct variation to that of outward, making reconciliation difficult. Many a time non-standard formwork components had to be newly fabricated as the existence of the same type with same dimensions in the yard was not known. Lack of an intelligent system to record receipt, refurbishment and dispatch of aluminium formwork components at the yard (which was being managed with the help of spreadsheets and manual record keeping) was widely felt.

Key Results

Dinamalar is the third largest Tamil daily newspaper by circulation (Over 900,000), printed from across 10 cities. With over 100 photographers spread across the country, they had a robust capability to supplement news with images. To sustain their competitive edge in a cut throat market, they created an exclusive, secure portal for photographers to upload their images. But, in the age of the mobile and ‘breaking news’ it was not enough.

The technology challenge

Arriving at a one-stop solution to track end to end the material’s journey through the Yard and the site.
Developing a technology solution that’s easy to use in a construction site scenario
Evolving business requirements and short timelines

Our solution

Hakuna Matata’s solution was multi-pronged.
Implementation of QR code for accurate identification and tracking of components
A hybrid mobile app for the site managers and the yard manager to record, view and manage the components data
A web portal that is seamlessly integrated with the mobile app to view master data and reports; with flexibility to integrate with the organization’s enterprise systems



Our impact

Increased efficiencies in tracking the movement of aluminium formwork components
Effective capture of data and timely reports for better inventory management and elimination of redundant fabrication
A near ready to deploy product for the organization for use in other similar functions
More time for site managers and yard manager to focus on core responsibilities


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