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Aircel Chennai Open



  • Looking for Mobile Application consultants to bridge it gap.

  • Not sure on the reach and impact of the Mobile Application for an seasonal event like Chennai Open.

  • Looking for a Mobile Solution to maintain reputation and standards for their extravagant sponsors.


  • Reviewed on the viewership data.

  • Did market research and tried to analyze viewers age group.

  • Suggested features, where a user participates during off season.

  • Proposed array of solutions for having sponsors presence in the Mobile Application.

  • Packed features, where user can access all related information about the event in the mobile application.

  • Segregated features to appear in the next versions and coming seasons.

  • Planned and released in Android and iTunes store for Mobile as well as Tab.


  • Amount of information to take it to audience via mobile.

  • Will the user accept other relevant information regarding the event.

  • To consolidate the entire event in the form of Mobile Application.

  • How to keep the users engaged during Off season.

  • How to generate revenues harnessing the Mobile Application envisioned.

  • What will be the value addition to the existing customers of the event.

  • Not to deter viewers at any cost.


  • With a limited promotion we received considerable downloads.

  • Requests from users to have the mobile application across all platforms.

  • Events sponsors, willing to invest in off season promotions as well.