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  • Aspiring for increased productivity in their financial transactions.

  • Handling almost 60% of their transactions physically consuming 300 plus resources for their south Indian operations


  • Assessed the company in its current state on financial operations handled by FSSC team.

  • Developed a future-adaptable and scalable system to embrace all Units.

  • Deployed our BA team to understand the pain-points involved in Unit and FSSC team.

  • Gathered required information related to variables and actions for each stakeholder in a transaction.

  • Surveyed on their technical expertise for designing the system.

  • Devised a project plan to address each module and implemented by stages.

  • Took inputs from beta run and reworked on areas to match their comfort.


  • Acquiring information involving the input of groups whose input had potential biases to complete and log a transaction.

  • Providing clarity on their purchase orders to all the stakeholders involved.

  • Using their man power overtime during the tax audit.

  • Providing real time responses to the vendors.

  • Maintaining a handy log for all the transactions.

  • Reporting and compliance as per industrial standards.

  • Complex system to perform internal audit.

  • Increasing delay in vendor payment.

  • Complexities involved in payment adjustments.

  • Lack to technical expertise by the operations team to use off the shelf IT products.


  • System is user friendly as they did not require much of training session or user manual reference.

  • Considerable decrease in turnaround time.

  • Report generation is being done in few clicks.