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  • Client is a qualified chartered accountant and serial entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia

  • He sensed huge functional gap in current cloud based accounting applications

  • Pricing of accounting applications was so high that traders & small business were not able to afford.

  • He wanted to create financial application which could be used by non finance users


  • Team of business analysts spent time on gathering requirements & clarifications.

  • Competitive study to understand the gaps & differences

  • Mobile first approach to encourage application adaption

  • Detailed wireframes for all user requirements

  • Rule engine to manage the accounting principles & rules

  • Powerful CMS engine to manage the error messages

  • Future ready app with flexibility to support multi currencies & countries

  • Continous integration based development


  • Lack of financial accounting knowledge

  • Building flexible rule based system which can accommodate different accounting practices of different countries

  • Target users - Tradies & small business owners - Designing application for non accounting & non power user of systems

  • Complex cloud based accounting system to be developed using Agile approach with tight timelines

  • Managing huge team working on different multiple tasks & release plans and for different version of solutions


  • Delivered first phase in six months and delivered next module in two months

  • Achieved business objective of delivering app which can be used by traders & small businesses.

  • Simple yet powerful accounting system

  • Currently building other modules like CRM, Jobs & Time sheet.