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  • Ridesharing is catching the imaginations of entrepreneurs.

  • Most of ridesharing apps are failures due to waiting time & detour for lift giver.

  • Our client came up with excellent idea for real time route matching based ride sharing application.

  • Client's vision is to create real time route matching based ride sharing application with high security for lift takers & givers. And most importantly no detour for lift giver.


  • Ride requests were communicated using sockets to increase response times

  • Powerful analytics engine built customizing kibana to measure customer actions, request status, usages.

  • Linked in based login to identify app users and

  • Tight push notifications integration to enable customer engagement

  • Modular architecture to support multiple deployments based on traffic loads


  • A complex algorithm to deduct interaction points between routes & also accommodate time factor to deduct match between requests

  • Handle huge magnitude of requests and process them using algorithm with in milli seconds

  • Tight deadlines of three months to launch first version of application

  • One click payments to enable smooth payments

  • CRM systems to monitor app users reactions, feed backs and build solutions to help users.


  • First real time route matching based ride sharing application to be launched in market

  • With in a month of launch, Lifto was handling successful matching 150 rides

  • Average app rating of 4.5 in Google Play store

  • Great feedback from users on app concept & easiness to use of the app Went on with next phase. Phase 3 is now in discussion.