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  • Looking for a cognizant mobile technology partner for a patented prospecting technology and application which would be the first big innovation in cold calling since the Industrial Age.


  • Identified applications, old and new, that possessed the ideas and features planned, typically a comparative study on the application available on the market.

  • Identified possible technical intricacies for the current phase and future extensions, prior to development stages.

  • Drafted a project plan to best implement the ideas and thoughts assembled during the pre-production phase.

  • Rolled out an initial version in Android market followed by Apple stores.


  • Around 2008, much was not ventured in terms of mobile technology feasibility.

  • Ambiguous in-terms of utilization of native features of device, since hybrid applications did not interest the client.

  • Mobile to integrate and transfer data seamlessly with the server, during the launch it was 16 million leads.

  • Iterate and implement all possible tools a sales person would use to convert a cold lead to a customer.

  • As the Applications USP based on location, we cannot expect glitches on Maps regardless on the device and versions used.

  • A user friendly design for a sales person on the field.

  • Understanding the sales persons behavior with respect to their geography.


  • Revolutionary sales product widely used with 4+ rating.