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Orizon Soft Solutions



  • A start up in Enterprise product, but an established fmcg manufacturer in USA

  • Looking to have a scalable system for high end hotels across the country

  • Looking to launch the system initially for restaurants in Hotel

  • Planning to supply the hotels along with the Tablet device

  • Looking to launch 200 devices catering 10 hotels in their PAN India network.

  • Envisioned a system which could be used by any of the hotel guests regardless of their technical suaveness


  • Prepared mock-ups for the Application and taking a survey from real time guests across age groups.

  • Developed a future-adaptable and scalable system to embrace all facilities provided by hotel at any point of time.

  • Devised a plan to add new modules and features without suffering a downtime from the server.

  • Developed a system to implement the solution best fit the hotels.

  • Performed beta run in hotels on a real time basis.


  • Providing a user friendly and bold look and feel for the application.

  • Consolidating all the features in a single screen.

  • Dynamic integration to the server regardless of the device used in any of the hotel restaurants.

  • Integrating the device with the hotels kitchen, Bar and other facilities.

  • Providing value addition to the hotels by using the system.

  • Update devices as and when services are extended.


  • Hotels started adapting to the system and few of the hotels have approached Orizon to extend it for all the facilities they offer for customers.

  • Our system remains unaffected, during updates and service extensions.