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  • TVS-E Servicetec Limited stemmed from providing Warranty & Post warranty support for TVS Electronics range of Computer Peripherals and extends this service to other companies in market.

  • Wanted a transparent system to provide clarity for their clients on the services TVS provides, on their clients behalf.

  • Believes by having a system in place, would be a best fit for any company who are intent to outsource their services.

  • Was seeking a real time and precision data by their services engineers, where they can record cognizant of variables from a service engineer.

  • Wants to eliminate paperwork’s and log real time data to their SAP system.


  • Understood their SAP system, by working alongside with their subject matter expertise.

  • Developed a system with off-line storage and bar code scanners using the device camera.

  • Developed a module for users key in their signature as authentication for the service provided at their door step.

  • An Android App was developed consolidating the overall features to best implement the clients requirement to remove bottle necks involved.


  • Integration with their existing a in SAP

  • To implement off line support on the APP, where service engineer travel to areas with limited network access.

  • To implement unambiguous work designation to the service engineers

  • A system where product owner acknowledges the service performed.

  • A fool proof system to capture the details on the equipment.


  • System is being used by all the services engineer's at TVS e-servicetec.

  • Able to generate reports with the most accurate data, there by assuring the quality and Brand value.