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  • Scarcity in major households to find Electricians, Plumbers, Drivers and others. A mobile app to find one easily.

  • Building a solid pipeline to cover various area and generating a heat map on the areas and services to concentrate to generate more business.

  • Believes by having a system in place, would be a best fit for any company who are intent to outsource their services.

  • Client already had lost time with different vendor, so no more time to loose but had to revamp the entire thing again as we consult, UX needs to be reworked.

  • Scalability and Performance is key as we felt a booking has to be done within 2 mins and binded with a reliable Servicemen.


  • Had a thorough discussion and brought in our expertise in redesigning the app and eliminating what is not required.

  • Actively Interacted with external design team to fix the gaps and to control the overall timeline.

  • Technical team came up with a scalable architecture and a solid REST services to suit the need.


  • Timeline and Cost.

  • Change in scope as there was an urgency to go live asap.


  • We went live in 30 business days.

  • Nearly 100 bookings per day. The client did well on this. Went on with next phase. Phase 3 is now in discussion.

  • Went on with next phase. Phase 3 is now in discussion.