Category: Marketing & Monetization

Mar 6, 2017
How to stand out in a crowd of 2 million and counting? App Discovery – The unwritten rules of the game

According to one estimate there are 2.2 million apps available for download in App Store and about 2.6 million in Play Store. How to get your app discovered in this humongous universe of apps; and how to get your app featured in the top 10 lists in App Store or Play Store? After all, if […]

Jan 21, 2017
App Review 101: The Ultimate Guide to Handle App Reviews

Expecting honest feedback from users is like watching a Nolan’s flick – can be comic with no logic or truly masterful or can leave us guessing on what’s coming. While Nolan keeps amazing us with his awesome stuff, reviews can often end up make us lick our wounds highlighting crashes, errors, poor performance, issues, and […]

Jan 13, 2017
Being in the good books of Google’s Mobile-First Index: What You Need to Know

SEO Alert! Does your website have different content and structure between its mobile and web versions? If yes, your SEO plan is likely to fetch you a ZERO. Wondering why? Here are a few things you need to know about Mobile-First Index to optimize your website. What’s Mobile-First Index? It’s no secret that Google crawls […]

Dec 27, 2016
7 Top Ways To Increase Your Mobile App Reviews

“Pretty Good!” “Simply Awful!” “The performance could have been better.” “Love this app! Will recommend to my friends.” Be it Good or Bad, reviews are the key that makes and breaks your app. Opinion of your existing users, play a vital role in purchasing your app than what you’ve promised. Before downloading your app, a […]

Jul 5, 2016
Mobile app Monetization – Freemium, Paid Apps, Advertisements

The most important, you should make after you have developed an app, is deciding on its monetization strategy. Although apps are created for many different reasons, the potential to earn huge money always will in the top 3 reasons for developing an app. Less than a decade of entering into this new industry, mobile app […]

May 30, 2016
How to use your user feedback to improve your app?

Gathering user feedback successfully and translating it into actionable items is a must for any business to make informed product decisions. But the challenge lies not in collecting feedback but to understand what to do with the feedback collected. One of the main goals of gathering customer feedback is to enable communications between you and […]