Jul 25, 2017

For many small businesses, the most intricate yet biggest milestone is taking the voluntary decision to invest outside. They get really anxious. This tendency has to change and merely saying it will not help.

In today’s digitally and technically equipped world, anything can be learnt by browsing the internet. Life has become simplified and hassle-free with almost everything being assisted or controlled by apps that can be readily downloaded from the play store.

By the way, are you planning to invest in an app so as to add some credibility to your business?

Apps are one of today’s most vital marketing tools. Their offering is intensified engagement with the customers. They accelerate and advance sales by instantly pushing notifications and giving away massive discounts. This way, they facilitate enriched contact with your company.

Even after knowing the best benefits of investing in apps, businesses are still struggling to find whether opting for a mobile app is the right move.

Are you struggling to say a quick yes or no to investing in an app? Go ahead and cross these eight critical bridges.  

1. Experience: It is always the experience that will count. When you decide to invest in an app, consider the user experience. Prefer them over you. Make it a point to give some space for updating and give constant care to ensure your app is built and is in alignment with every novelty you bring about.

2. Cost involved: There is a lot of user acquisition cost involved. For example, in the beginning you may have to invest in the user acquisition channels for promotion; and also in order to acquire installs through ads that are usually paid. Measure your “Cost per Install” against the lifetime value. Some math should be employed else there is a danger of losing more money than you plan to make.

3. Weigh the idea: Just because having an app is cool and that everybody has it, you don’t need it too. Ask yourself if it is going to open up new opportunities or bring in some newness and experience. If the answer is no, then you should clearly not invest in an app.

4. Marketing: Developing an app will not instantly resolve your customer deficit. You need to project it in the right stage and have a proper marketing plan. Make sure you have a strong growth strategy.

5. The dire need: Do you definitely need an app? Consider weighing your data points with other online segments and see if you are actually not doing more than just supporting a mobile site. Does your feedback from customers show the thumbs up for an app? Make a calculated move.

6. Market: So what is your target market like? Step back a little and think whom you are building this app for, who will use your app and are you actually solving their problem? Once you have jet clear answers for these and if they are actually rational, you are good to go.

7. Cost: While it is not possible for all the small business to invest directly, some of them will outsource their app development to a third party. While the effort and time invested is more, you can take a pace as well. If your website is adequately responsive, consider building an app that just covers the same aspects.

8. The detached device: People access your app from varied devices. Therefore, you must make sure you design and build the app – device and operating system independent. This way it will facilitate better access for all users.

These are important yet mostly ignored points. These are critical bridges that you need to cross with a mastery and there you stand successfully!

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