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As a Mobile developer you will be involved in designing and building advanced applications for the Mobile platform. Collaborating with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features.

Job Description

  • Finishing up the given task by given deadline.
  • Understanding the requirement on a given project.
  • Module development.
  • Escalating issues and communicating clearly to the people above if required.
  • Updating and sticking up to the Project Management System.
  • Meeting the Organizational disciplines.
Skills - technical & non technical
  • Should be strong in (C, C++, Objective C Programming languages OR JAVA) and OOPS Concept.
  • Good in problem Solving Skills with logical reasoning.
  • Should be good in programming Knowledge.
  • Should have knowledge on OOPS concept and SQL query
  • Good understanding on Data structures, Structured programming, Object oriented programming and Compilers.
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