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Lab monitoring system

Intelligently securing and monitoring high profile laboratories.
Adopting the power of the digital.

About Client

Our client, a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of laboratory, healthcare & technical furniture products, had an operations challenge – maintaining the security of the labs efficiently with a streamlined process and real time alerts. We took up the challenge and proposed a digital transformation of the process. We did not stop at that. As we developed a comprehensive solution, we also delivered them a product that they can sell to their customers as an off the shelf – thereby giving them a whole new revenue stream.

The Background

Our client maintains labs for several renowned organizations, which need to be secured facilities. This requires a process-driven approach to security, including a series of checks performed on the equipment in the labs a regular basis that require recording, monitoring and reporting. The client was looking for a more efficient, streamlined, technology enabled process that is failsafe. Our prior experience in delivering applications to make checklist driven processes efficient caught the imagination of the client.

The Challenge

Even as we built a tiger team to build a world-class application for the client, we had to overcome significant challenges.
An easy to use mobile and tablet application for users on the floor to carry out all the checks in the lab - developed in Native platform across both Android & iOS.
A web portal to monitor the laboratories through dashboards and reports
Real time alerts
A fully customizable, ready to deploy system with the ability to easily set up labs, equipment and testers by the admin

Key Results

Dinamalar is the third largest Tamil daily newspaper by circulation (Over 900,000), printed from across 10 cities. With over 100 photographers spread across the country, they had a robust capability to supplement news with images. To sustain their competitive edge in a cut throat market, they created an exclusive, secure portal for photographers to upload their images. But, in the age of the mobile and ‘breaking news’ it was not enough.

Our Solution

Hakuna Matata’s solution was multi-pronged.
Laboratories being subject to heavy regulations, the solution had to stand the test of intense scrutiny of multiple stakeholders and testing.
The project had super short deadlines with requirements evolving dynamically even through the development phase.
Providing offline support across all the devices for the application was also a challenging task.
The application was envisioned and developed as a completely customizable product, which the client can configure and maintain for all of their customers, which required a technologically nuanced approach.



The Impact

We helped the client make a complete move from a paper-based system to a digital system.
Real time, 24/7 visibility of all the equipment and real time monitoring of the security resulted in strong risk management and efficient monitoring at minimal cost.
Availability of historical data of the equipment’s security provided the added advantage of predictive intelligence.
move from a paper-based system to a digital system, real time monitoring and customizable product helped the client in easily extending the solution to all their customers.


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