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Marketing is always an important department in any organization. It is the one department which builds the brand name. And every organization spends a considerable amount of their budget in marketing. Mobile marketing is one new entrant into the foray and is really leaping ahead of all other conventional marketing strategies. Mobile marketing is still a mystery with lots of questions which need answers, likehow would you run effectively? how do you measure success? what channels should you pay more attention to? A recent survey by Millard Brown Digital, finds out 8 out of 10 US marketers would spend more on mobile marketing if Return of Investment can be measured effectively. And mean while a report suggests that mobile marketing would overtake print media to become the 3rd largest marketing medium.

Here, we need to take a step back and understand what really is mobile marketing. It is not just a popping display of a running video in the middle of mobile app or a game. But the actual mobile experience is what we call mobile marketing. The overall user experience is what we need to look at. Let’s today, in this upcoming passage, discuss why mobile marketing is important.

1. It brings in new customers:-

In a survey, confirms that 53% of users are ready to recommend a business which gives a good user experience in using a mobile site. And 40% of the responders confined that they will not shy from going to a competitor’s website if the mobile site or app is poorly designed. It makes sense. Let’s think of a scenario, you are traveling with your friend in a car and using an GPS navigating app to find a place. Your friend sees this ordeal and helps you with an app he has and you are impressed with the app’s design and ease of use. Would not you install the app for further use? This is mobile marketing. An app which is user friendly and is simple to use with desired result, is in itself is “marketing” to me. A good app is bound to go viral.

2. It retains customers:-

We have spoken a lot about customer. It is something every company wants and mobile is the way to make it happen. It is understood that customers come back to the same place to avail a service if they liked the way they were handled the first time. It is logical and a known fact. Mobile applications have changed the way we shop. So the interaction with your brand starts and ends with mobiles. It the experience is good; the brand is good. And when the experience is good the customer is more than happy to come back again for another business. This is most important reason; companies should invest on robust mobile experience.

3. It reaches the customers always:-

Let’s analyze some facts first:

1. 80 % of the consumers their mobiles, within 15 mins of waking up.

2. On an average, we typically check our phone 150 times a day, excluding the number of times we use our mobile to make or receive call / text.

So, which other medium is so close to your customers. Even when we are at work, we hesitate lesser to use our phone for personal use than using our desktop/laptop.

What this means is. A good mobile site / app would reach people more frequently and easily than a desktop. We all are humans, and we need break times. And break time starts with checking your phone. So a good mobile app / site would reach your customer always.
I personally believe these reasons are enough to prove that mobile marketing is a key medium in our marketing strategy and should get the appropriate importance. So without further delay, take advantage of this trend and reach your customers with a good mobile destination.

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