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Have you ever thought of creating a promo video for your app? If yes, then this article is for you!

A promo video is one of the most engaging forms of informing potential users that can eventually turn your viewers into fans and user. But to reap the true rewards of a promo video, you should know how to combine several elements to tell a compelling story. But how do you go from ‘thinking to create a promo video’ to creating something great that can go viral?

Let’s get started with these simple steps:

Script it right

Planning how your promo video will pull off its magic is the very first step in a successful video creation. To do so, first, you should decide which features of the app you need to talk about. Instead of packing your video with a lot of stuff, you can choose a few features (precisely one or two) that make your app unique and awesome. A creative and friendly tone can help you make the connect with your audience.

Short & simple is the trick

So, what about the video length? While video duration and engagement rate are inversely proportional to each other, we highly recommend telling a good story within 30 to 60 seconds.

If you are planning to create a long format video, you should convert that into a user guide! The attention spans of people are, today, as short as a tweet. The crisper the video is, the more likely its ability to make an impact.

Make it visually appealing

Nobody wants to watch a talking head or static images unless reported as ‘breaking’ on a news channel. Be creative and make your video appealing and entertaining with animation and VFX. At the same time, know that form cannot sell poor content. Striking the right balance between creativity, message and simplicity is the key.

Tell a story!

Video storytelling has become a popular trend for one reason – It works. Videos with engaging stories are more likely to be shared and go viral. If you can communicate how your app solves the user’s problem and how difficult is to do the same without your app, your video can create a sense of the expected user experience for the viewers.

Never miss the call to action

Why invest in promo videos if not to drive actions? Whether you are asking the viewers to download your app, view your website, subscribe to newsletters or purchase a product, you need to clearly define what you expect the viewer to do after watching the video. And keep the actions simple and minimal. Importantly, identify the right time to request the user to respond.

Take a test drive

Before you put it out to the world, take your promo video on a test drive. Show your video and receive feedback from friends, family and even from strangers (outsiders who know nothing about your app or brand). Do they like your video? Did they get the point you communicated? Are they influenced by your call to action? The outsider perspective will help eliminate the chance of boring your viewers.


Not to be missed. Show the world what you created. Take advantage of the capabilities of social networks to promote the video. Embed it on your company’s website and blogs. Don’t forget to get your video listed on the popular search engines.

Tada.. Take these steps in creating your promo video and you are good to go. Good luck!

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