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“Pretty Good!”

“Simply Awful!”

“The performance could have been better.”

“Love this app! Will recommend to my friends.”

Be it Good or Bad, reviews are the key that makes and breaks your app. Opinion of your existing users, play a vital role in purchasing your app than what you’ve promised. Before downloading your app, a potential user will go through your positive and negative feedbacks whether to buy it or not. Nevertheless, it is not only your potential users but also the app store focusing on your reviews.

Positive reviews can be as powerful as a marketing tool to make your potential users download and use your app. But, the thing is that your users won’t head back to the app store to write a review unless you take some effort. Here are 7 top ways to increase your mobile app reviews.

1. Ask and you shall receive!

The easiest way to increase your review is to ask for it. Just ask! There are numerous plug-in available for the Android and iOS applications to ask your users to review your app. The iOS plugin, Appirater will remind the users to leave a review on the app store.


The plugin will prompt the users to review the app after they’ve launched it at least 15 times. However, you can set the number of days and the launch number by changing the values inside the Appirater code.

2. Incentivize your users to review your app

If you don’t want to bore your users with the same-old pop-ups, try incentives. To spice it up your app review, you must go beyond exhibiting pop-ups and offer them with rewards, coins, extra life and other exciting stuff to make them review your app. After all, everyone love freebies.

3. ASO can be a game-changer

Yes, you read that right. To boost your reviews, you must know the way to drive traffic to your app, and that’s where App Store Optimization (ASO) come to rescue. The possibility of generating your app download is likely to soar if you know how to deploy the ASO strategies.

4. Make your procedure as simple as possible

The gateway to a good app review is to make it simple.Making your users to review your app can be drop-dead simple. But due to the cumbersome and time-consuming procedures, they are restrained from reviewing your app.

Despite the lifeless feedback format, Helpshift has come up with a two-way messaging window to support the users. Once you’ve sorted out their issues, you can ask them to review your app.

5. Never interrupt the user experience. Never!

Though it is a great way to use review prompts, it is equally important that it should not interrupt the user experience. You have to time the prompt without intervening the natural flow of your user. The best way to ask for a review is to wait till your user has accomplished an intended task inside your app.

6. Conduct a Contest

Another significant way to boost your app review is to conduct a contest. The users can be prompt to review your app either through a contest or promotion. The popular game blog, Touch Arcade makes use of  this strategy to gain review from its users.


Within the forums, the site offers a section dedicated to the promo codes and contest where the developers can conduct contests and offer rewards to gain traction from others to write a review for their apps.

7. Encourage user feedback

Feedbacks not only helps you to understand your users but also offers the opportunity to enhance your app. That’s why it’s important to show your users how much you value their opinions. Feedbacks generated by the genuine users are highly valued and given more importance by the search algorithm.

Keep in mind, reviews not only reflects the image of your app but also reflects the image of your company. So, never let down your brand identity and go ahead with these tips and tricks to boost your app review. Go for it!

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