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Expecting honest feedback from users is like watching a Nolan’s flick – can be comic with no logic or truly masterful or can leave us guessing on what’s coming. While Nolan keeps amazing us with his awesome stuff, reviews can often end up make us lick our wounds highlighting crashes, errors, poor performance, issues, and what not.

Though reviews offer mixed opinions, they do hold a strong place in the behaviour of potential users and the image of your brand. When handled right, reviews can increase your user engagement, act as a marketing tool, generate more reviews, and above all, enhance your app. But, how?

Here is an indicative list of different types of reviews varying in issues and complexity, as well as guidance on how to respond to them  effectively.

If it is positive, thank them.

Does someone like your app? Good. Did someone praise your app in the comment section and rated you with 5 stars? That’s pretty awesome. Go ahead, thank them. The ones who feel good your app are your loyal users, who will spread the good word to their friends and family. Your acknowledgement and gratitude make a big difference to your relationship with them.
If they are facing an issue, fix it.




Mistakes can be made, but need to be rectified. If your user faces an issue, try to fix it fast. Start the conversation with an apology, offer the right solution or guide them to your customer support. The quicker and stronger your response, the better your brand on credibility score.


If it is inappropriate, avoid it.


Weird stories. Irrelevant questions. Bizarre reviews. Foul language. Spammers. Know that you can’t win all in the social sphere. Such reviews do not deserve a reply. Just be clear on what kind of reviews you will ignore. Sometimes, native users might have translated their reviews. Decipher them to understand what’s bothering them and fix the issue at the earliest.


If something has gone wrong, tell them.


ent Wrong.png


Be it a major or a minor issue, everything has to be addressed and fixed immediately. If not, let the user know what you can do about it and provide them with timely alternatives. For instance, if your app is temporarily down, let them know when the app will be up. This ensures that you respect them and are aware of the issues they’re facing with your app.


If it is negative, apologize and learn from it.


However highly optimistic you are about your app, you’ll receive negative comments and feedback. Genuine feedback from users will help you know what is working and what you need to improve upon. Instead of worrying, learn from the mistakes and turn your negatives into positives with a simple rule: Accept, Apologize, and Act.


Wrapping up

When someone has taken the time to write a review about your app, do appreciate their effort and thank them. If it’s negative, don’t lose your temper but understand what the user is going through and make sure you fix it. Defending and pretending cannot help your business, but a speedy & genuine reply to the comments will build your reputation among potential and existing users. Nevertheless, reviews and ratings are the best marketing tools for your app business at the very inception level. No dreams. No twist-in-tales. But the best and easiest way to increase your user base.

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