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Guide to Industrial IoT in Manufacturing – Growth, Benefits, Use Cases [Infographic]

IoT in Manufacturing
Digital Transformation

Guide to Industrial IoT in Manufacturing – Growth, Benefits, Use Cases [Infographic]

Growing threats, digital disruptions and ever-evolving customer behaviours have necessitated the Manufacturing companies to invest in technology like IoT to beat the global competition and satisfy customers.

According to an IDC report, the growth of IoT across Manufacturing is exploding like anything. The report further states that worldwide spending on the Internet of Things to reach $745 Billion in 2019, led by the Manufacturing, Consumer, Transportation, and Utilities Sectors.

What does this statistics refer to? Yes, IoT is widely implemented in Manufacturing companies.

Why IoT for manufacturing?

Consider this scenario: what if a manufacturing company has to meet a stringent product delivery deadline and the labours are asked to work for additional hours to accomplish that. All of a sudden a critical machine breaks down.

What’s next? The complete productivity on the floor will come to a screeching halt.

Such scenarios are common in many manufacturing companies, as a result, their productivity, RoI and customer satisfaction see a huge drop, leading to below-par customer experience.

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This is one of the reasons why most companies are investing in IoT. In fact, implementing IoT devices have helped a lot of businesses with surplus benefits than limiting to addressing machine maintenance problems.

The below infographic will help you with some of the benefits of IoT in Manufacturing.

Top manufacturing companies have already started to implement IoT for acquiring real-time data to monitor machines, track performance and foresee equipment failure. These factors are contributing to improved productivity, reduced machine maintenance and repair cost etc. 

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