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Hiring an, right, app developer is a time consuming yet critical process. It is not about identifying a coding expert, it has got a lot more than what meets the eye.

You not only have to put your idea into his brain and change that idea into a feasible business plan, but you also have to hire a developer whose process and procedures and strategies works well with your business.

Although your developer might have countless themes, colours and functionalities to discuss with you, its also important to discuss some other strategies, even before you start developing.

Today in this article we would discuss some strategies, you might want to discuss with your mobile app developer first hand to make sure that the output is desirable.

1. Know Your Target Audience

While developing your app, it is key to determine your audience before development. This will ensure and make the developer understand that the app is catering to a particular group of customers. No app can satisfy everyone, so it is necessary to narrow down to your ideal customer.

So that it is easier to serve that particular demographic. Better user experience means happy customers, happy customers will result in more users, and more users in-turn will give u more number of downloads and higher ranking and reviews.

Many development companies will not give you comprehensive market research and audience research, which is very important to understand the feasibility of your app. Get a detailed report and then decide on your way ahead.

2. Have Definite Business Goals

When developing an app, it is understood, that you should develop a business plan along with it. You should plan like, what you want the app to do, what is return of interest, you have want, etc., But another important thing is to discuss with your developer, how your app will support your overall business plan.

Building an app for a business is like ,creating any other marketing content. And you would not create any marketing content for nothing. So, develop a strategy for long term marketing including App Store Optimization, SEO, Landing pages, Social media channels, etc.,

You can also create a user forum to know the customer feedback and plan strategy based on the findings. Align your business goals with the goals of your app, to get overall success.

3. Choose Target Devices Based on Target Audience

Get the answer for this question before you start. The ever present question “Android or iOS” should be addressed before you start building. Brainstorm the different factors, of a mobile devices that are most used your target audience. Find the characteristics that are shown by your target crowd. For example, if your target audience cares about flexibility and customizable apps, Android may be the best option for your app.

But on the other hand, if your customers go for sleek designs and greater security, iOS would be the best bet.

While there are benefits in both the platforms, it can make sense to choose one platform over the other, based on your business needs, your target audience, your budget, etc., Discuss with your app developer on all the possibilities and challenges on building the app on cross platform also.
Discuss which platform is best for your current app project goals and determine which platform you’ll develop a mobile app for, if not both.

4. Plan for Scalability

Technologies are ever evolving and there is no reason why should not your app also evolves from time to time. Mobile apps should be updated from time to time to keep the customers interested and to retain the customers.

Mobile apps must be updated regularly for best SEO performance in the App Store (often called ASO), highest review ratings, and to keep your app users happy with your product. So, even before you start building your app, you should be ready with the plan on how would you handle the update mechanism in your app.

Consult with your developer on the plans of updating the app. Determine when and how often would your customers get updates. Make sure that you and your developer are in one mind about updating the app.

If you consult with your mobile app developer on these strategies before launch, the chances of a successful campaign are high!

If you’re looking for a mobile app development company with developers that can understand your business pain points and align with your business goals, we can help.

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