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When I read this question, I instantly get another question in my mind which can be the answer to this question. Which is “ Why not..? “ Yes, why should not we love mobile apps? Mobile apps have changed our lives like never before. Mobile apps have made our lives to easy, and with them, the world is at our finger tips – literally.

How many of us are ready to go back to using maps instead of using GPS? Most of us would not. Mobile apps have become an inseparable part of our lifestyle. Benefits Mobile apps bring with them.

1.Mobiles have brought many devices together like camera, radio, calculator, music player and etc., But mobile apps have taken full advantage of this. Apps like Facebook have used the availability of camera and have made social networking so easy. Many apps have used the availability of GPS and made booking cabs and ordering food online a possibility which have made our lives easier to live.

2.Mobile apps made communication so easy. Lots of messaging apps are there in the market, which have enabled us to be in touch with our dear one across the world. Today we talk, send pictures, videos and documents with so much ease, which never thought about just a decade earlier.

3.Apps have made our lives very secure. When in trouble we can send SOS message using mobile apps. And with apps like Whatsapp, we would be able to send or receive the present location. And we do have apps which lock or erase the data in our storage in case of theft or accidentally losing our device, which helps to safe guard our privacy.

4.Not to forget the apps that help us to stay updated of the happenings around the globe. News apps have made us aware of the world around us. For people who cannot dedicate time to watch news in television, these apps bring the news to the palm of their hands.

5.Weather apps are another blessing, which we can cherish a lot, we would be able or travel or events to avoid last minute spoil sport by weather. Till now we were discussing how mobile apps have made the lives of the common man more comfortable and easy. Let’s not forget that mobile apps are darlings to businesses as well. In today’s world, we cannot find a business without an app for their own. Every business small or big, new or old, has an app if not apps for themselves. Let’s now discuss why businesses too love mobile apps.

1.Mobiles apps brings service providers closer to their customers live never before. Business can directly be in touch with their customers using these apps. A decade if any business wanted to make an announcement, they have to depend on a medium like newspapers or television to update their clients or customers. But in this era of mobile apps updates can reach to the end user in seconds.

2.With the advent of mobile apps, business don’t shut or close their business. Business happens 24 hrs a day which in turn increases the revenue. For example, to transfer money to another account, earlier we have to visit the bank in person, stand in the queue and have the transaction done. But banking apps have enabled banks to give service all through the day. More working hours more money.

3.Mobile apps have helped businesses to read the pulse of the customers. Earlier to understand how they fair in the market, businesses had to rely on market research results and surveys. But now businesses can get feedback through their apps and with the chance to improve and react to feedback, businesses can improve their brand image. Adding to the feather, when the feedback is heard and acted upon, customer loyalty will rise many fold.

4.App Making – a new industry has emerged with the arrival of mobile apps. The net worth of this industry is in the excess of US$ 25.0 billion! Can you now imagine how big the industry is? The industry has provided lots of job opportunities and have given livelihood to millions of designers and developers. Would you need another reason to love mobile apps?

We use these apps for varied reasons like socializing, entertainment, shopping, and gaming while there are others, who use them for their business purposes. Whatever may be the reason of using mobiles apps, we have started to fall in love with those apps. According to Mobile Statistics (http://www.mobilestatistics.com/mobile-news/23-days-a-year-spent-on-your-phone.aspx), an average person spends 23 days of his life using smartphones every year. It means you are more likely to spend almost 4 years of your life using smartphones if you live for 63 years. More interesting thing is that 84% of this time is spent in using different mobile apps. Do you need more proof for the love we have for apps? And the conclusion is, this love is bound to increase day by day with zero percent chance of diminishing. Find us on DesignRush

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