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Product Engineering

Product Engineering

The Technology Partner to Engineer Your Growth.

Product Engineering Overview.

We help start-ups turn their business ideas into market-ready products. We serve as your technology partner end-to-end: from ideation & design to prototyping to market-fit, full product development to launch, and scaling up. Our focus – enable your journey from start-up to a profitable enterprise.

We help enterprises keep pace with rapidly evolving business environment, hyper-targeted services, and digital platforms. We work as the extended arm of your product engineering/development team to design/develop/enhance your customer facing, as well as enterprise, applications. Our focus – help you stay agile, competitive, responsive and ahead of the curve.
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Why Us.

Our Methodology.



  1. Define your idea, understand your users persona, and complete the wireframes and UI designs, which can be used to validate your idea,
    in our CB4UBD lab
  2. Test your assumptions with minimal investment
  3. Typical timeframe: 6 to 8 weeks



  1. Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to go to market with a soft launch OR a full-fledged product
  2. Use Agile methodologies for efficiencies
  3. Typical timeframe: 10 to 12 agile sprints

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  1. Generate user reviews and feedback through multiple touchpoints, including focus groups
  2. Modify and enhance the product
  3. Achieve Product-Market fit

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  1. Maintain the product by taking care of scalability, performance, technology alignment, and usability
  2. Bake in continuous improvement and innovation

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